In Frame: One Direction (L), Niall Horan (R)
In Frame: One Direction (L), Niall Horan (R)

Niall Horan offers an insight into One Direction’s ‘mini-reunion’

The Irish singer-songwriter revealed that the former boyband now has a new group chat

Niall Horan of One Direction fame recently revealed that there is a new group chat comprising the former band members and it is active and “louder”. He did not, however, specify who all are a part of the group chat.

After the finale of The Voice Season 23, Niall Horan sat down for a short interview with a renowned media publication and revealed that they have had three to four group chats in the past but “this new one is definitely louder than most, and it's been great.”

He jokingly said that if he were to check his phone in a few minutes, there would be a few new messages. The 29-year-old singer further opened up about the possibility of the group reuniting but mentioned that the subject of getting together has not been brought up as of now and the future of One Direction seems unsure.

When asked if any of the members will feature in his new album The Show, the artist was quick to respond with no. He did mention that one of his mentees, Gina Miles, the winner of The Voice S23, will be opening one of his concerts.

“I've been saying it for so long, I feel like no one was listening, but this girl is…you know a talent when you hear it. And this girl has got it. So yeah, there's no reason why she wouldn't open up for me at some point,” he said.

Niall Horan’s The Show is set to drop on June 09. “Getting out there every night, feeling that feeling, playing tunes that you’ve written, hearing them sung back, there’s no feeling that can replace it,” he said as he talked about his upcoming US tour for the new album.