Hip-Hop sensation AP Dhillon opens up about moving to Canada, his latest documentary and more

In a recent interview, AP Dhillion expressed his pride in the increased visibility of the brown community's cultural influence
Hip-Hop sensation AP Dhillon opens up about moving to Canada, his latest documentary and more
Hip-Hop sensation AP Dhillon opens up about moving to Canada, his latest documentary and more

Musician AP Dhillon has been making waves in the global hip-hop scene with chart-toppers like Brown Munde, Excuses, and Summer High. In a recent interview, AP reflected on the mounting appreciation that the brown community is finally receiving for its contributions to music, particularly in the realm of hip-hop.

The artist's journey from his roots in Punjab's Gurdaspur to his current stature in Vancouver, Canada, is the focal point of a new documentary series, aptly titled AP Dhillon: First of A Kind. The series provides an intimate exploration of Dhillon's path to fame and underscores the recognition garnered by Indian musicians based in North America.

In the interview, AP expressed his pride in the increased visibility of the brown community's cultural influence, stating, “We, as a brown community, are getting the light, the appreciation that we deserve, and that our culture is moving forward, like hip-hop music... I don't think the world took us seriously before, and now they are.”

He added that he believes that the international music scene is finally taking notice of the music emerging from India and among Indian communities in Canada and the United States. He said, “The music coming from India or the Indian people, who are in Canada or in States, is getting recognised. It is amazing to see all these artists now doing different things, trying independently... So it gave people hope that, 'If he can do it, I can do it too’.”

The artiste, whose birth name is Amritpal Singh Dhillon, moved to Canada in 2015 to pursue a post-graduation course in Business Administration and Management. For several years, he navigated diverse odd jobs, which have also found their way into his music, notably in his 2020 hit Brown Munde.
While music had always been AP's passion, he initially aspired to be a basketball player. However, he acknowledged the challenges faced by international students in adapting to a new culture and striving to fulfil various commitments. Amidst these pressures, his dreams of music persisted, driving him to pursue singing and guitar playing.

He added, “Before this, I just wanted to be a basketball player. When I moved to Canada, I was in survival mode. I salute all the students who go there. They work so hard, they go there from such a different culture. They try to fit in, there is pressure of working, making money, and going to school. Sometimes you forget about your dreams, you just want to survive. But we didn't stop. Music was always my passion. I wanted to make music, I loved singing, and playing guitar here and there.”

The musician shared that he draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, including Punjabi icons like Jitender Sartaj, Amar Singh Chamkila, and Sidhu Moosewala, as well as globally renowned figures like A R Rahman and Arijit Singh. Reflecting on his artistic journey, he emphasised that perseverance, experimentation, and catering to fan preferences remain key objectives.

AP's label mate Shinda Kahlon, part of Canada's Run-Up Records, highlighted the ascent of Punjabi music and the pair's efforts to contribute to its growth. He said, “When we started, Punjabi music was on the rise, everybody had a general sense of how it was growing up, and we thought we can make something too. So that's how we started.”

The documentary series, comprising four parts, is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. AP revealed that witnessing his journey on-screen evoked strong emotions. He added, “With the documentary, we just wanted to create something, which helps other artists and other people, who are starting out and are trying to do similar things, and they have this brown print to follow... "It is just like keep doing it, pushing it more and more, just experimenting with our sounds, and giving fans what they want. That's the goal, keep doing what we are doing.”

As for potential collaborations with the Hindi film industry, AP acknowledged multiple offers but stressed the importance of timing and alignment with his artistic vision. He affirmed that when the right opportunity arises, he would consider it, remaining committed to authenticity in his creative endeavours.

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