Cher launches gelato brand, says 'all started five years ago...' 

She made the announcement with a social media post
In Frame: Cher
In Frame: Cher

Singer-songwriter Cher surprised fans this weekend with an unexpected announcement about an upcoming project that the songstress stated has been in the works for a couple of years. The megastar, 77, took to social media earlier to announce that she's launching her own ice cream brand, with her having shared footage of a personalised gelato truck in the posts. 

The footage, which she shared on platforms like Instagram, showed a colourful truck that had been decorated with photos of Cher holding an ice cream cone. The clip was set to the intro to her song Believe and it further showed that the vehicle had been adorned with text on its side and front that simply read: "Cherlato". 

Cher wrote alongside the footage earlier: "Yep, this is real... I'm launching my gelato... Watch out LA! All started 5 years ago and now it's finally happening. More to come." The announcement has attracted more than 60,000 likes on Instagram alone, and it has proShempted a reaction from some of her fans on the platform and elsewhere. 

"Omg this is the best thing ever," wrote one person. Another responded by commenting: "I am so excited". Whilst a third person reacted recently: "Can't wait to try some!" @cher Another person said: "This is freakin' cool! Well done!" Whilst someone else wrote: "Good luck and congratulations!" 

An eighth person said: "Amazing news! Congrats." Not everyone was convinced that it's happening though. One person asked in response to the post: "Is this real?" 

Whilst another said: "If this is real, I really can't wait to try it!" Others instead seemingly referenced some of Cher's songs, with one person responding: "Do you believe in ice cream after lunch". 

Another said: "If I could churn back time." 

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