Raja Kumari releases music video for her song ‘No Nazar’

In the song, the musician is seen unleashing her energy as a protective charm against the malicious eye
In Frame: Raja Kumari
In Frame: Raja Kumari

Singer-rapper-songwriter Raja Kumari has released an attitude-packed music video for her hard-edged song No Nazar on Choti Diwali. Now surrounded by the nefarious dark touch of the evil eye, in the song Raja Kumari is her own energy and unleashing it as a protective charm against the malicious eye.

A uniquely well-suited song for Diwali, the song is about Illuminating the darkness inside the heart. Coming from her own personal experience, No Nazar is something very unique in Raja Kumari’s catalogue.

Talking about the song, she said, “No nazar is a song that was written during a dark time in my life. I wrote the lyrics like a protection spell, so that anyone that listens to it is protected from the evil eye and negative energy. “If your energy is aligned then no one can mess with you! Releasing it around Diwali seemed fitting as the festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness!”

Donning various glamorous and shimmering outfits in the video, some of which dazzle and some which blend in the dark and dimly lit blue corridor, the singer is surrounded by a bunch of people in costumes which look like black versions of the uniforms worn by the workers in the popular K-drama series Squid Game.

A hard-edged track which mixes in electronic pop, R&B, techno, and gangsta rap, No Nazar is all about attitude and confidence to fight off against nazar or the ‘evil eye’ which brings about omens of misfortune. While it may seem like just song emitting swag and arrogance it is in fact the sheer opposite of it, as No Nazar is indeed not letting anyone’s nazar have any kind of bad effect on you whatsoever, and that you and you alone control your life. The song was released by her own label Godmother Records.

The year 2023 is shaping up to be quite the year for the singer, as she seems to be having a lot on her plate recently. On the work front, the singer had collaborated with Anirudh Ravichander for the soundtrack of ‘Jawan’, while on the solo front of her career, her album The Bridge was quite well received. After that Raja Kumari went on to perform with John Legend on his maiden India Tour, and now she’s embarking on her World Tour later this month, bringing along quite the treat for her fans right before Diwali.

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