British singer-songwriter Faye Fantarrow passes away aged 21

Faye’s music was a fusion of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, resonating with listeners worldwide
In frame: Faye Fantarrow
In frame: Faye Fantarrow

Faye Fantarrow, a promising young British singer-songwriter, passed away at the age of 21, according to reports. Faye's journey, marked by resilience and creativity, was cut short by a rare glioma brain tumour diagnosis in September 2022. She peacefully passed at her home on a sombre Saturday, as confirmed by her mother, Pam Fantarrow.

Faye's life was a testament to her unwavering spirit. She faced adversity with courage not once, but twice, as she battled leukaemia at the tender ages of 8 and 13, according to reports. Despite these early health challenges, she continued to pursue her passion for music, ultimately catching the attention of musician Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics.

Dave, hailing from Sunderland, England, Faye's hometown, recognised her exceptional talent and signed her to his label, Bay Street Records. Under his guidance, Faye released her debut EP, AWOL, a collection of seven songs recorded in the picturesque setting of the Bahamas.

In a heartfelt statement, Dave expressed his deep sorrow at Faye's passing, describing her as a vibrant and gifted artist. He recalled the joy of collaborating with her and the indelible mark she left on him. He added that Faye's resilience and unwavering determination, along with her mother Pam's unwavering support, were a source of inspiration for him and the world.

“I can’t put into words how devastated I was when, just after spending an amazing creative time with Faye last summer making her debut album, Faye found out she had this very aggressive brain tumour. Faye was a joy to be around, full of fun, and laughter and sharp as a razor — a true artist in every sense. Being with her and watching her at work is a diamond stuck in my head, moments I will never forget. I’m lucky to have met Faye and her Mum Pam, two humans together battling against all odds for Faye’s survival. It has been both traumatic and beautiful to witness their strength and dignity, and I am so sorry the world only got to witness Faye’s genius for such a short time. She is one of the true greats, a northern girl on fire with her lyrics and melodies. I loved her deeply,” Dave said in a statement. 

Faye's musical journey was marked by notable achievements. Born on April 28, 2002, she won the prestigious Alan Hull Songwriting Award, a testament to her songwriting prowess in 2021. 

Her music was a fusion of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, resonating with listeners worldwide. In a review by Joe Lynch for Billboard, AWOL was lauded for its passionate acoustic strumming and rhythmic intensity. Faye's unique style drew comparisons to renowned artists like Alessia Cara and even Adele.

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