Akshai Sarin transforms Royal Caribbean Cruises' Spectrum of The Seas into a playable music art

The artiste created history by converting the first and largest cruise ship into a musical instrument 
Akshai Sarin in his element
Akshai Sarin in his element

In music, there’s no limit to creativity, innovation and ideas as one seeks ways to evoke inexplicable emotions. We find one such artist and innovator in Akshai Sarin, bringing to us Sonokinesis, a groundbreaking music, art and technology project meticulously developed over the past five years, which is redefining the landscape of participatory engagement and storytelling.

His innovations go beyond his musical journey, with his 20 years leading industry-disrupting initiatives across innovation, sustainability, technology, social impact, marketing, creative leadership, wellness & hospitality. Akshai Sarin is kicking off 2024 in grand style with his name etched in history by achieving an unprecedented feat in the world of technology, music and art.

As the world paves deeper into the world of technologically infused innovations, music is nowhere behind it as Akshai Sarin sets a mould-breaking record by technologically transforming one of the world’s largest passenger cruise ships, Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Spectrum of The Seas into a playable music installation.

His journey with music started quite early in his teenhood when his first-ever music album was released. Later in life, he performed in over 20 countries, taking Sonokinesis to countries like Singapore, Brazil, India, Maldives and the UAE.

Sonokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate sound waves, this can be used to go beyond one’s current vocal ability, allowing one to project one’s voice or any other noise at extremely high/low decibels, or to change the tone/pitch/volume of any desired sound.

Sounds quite intense and confusing, quite new as well, isn’t it? However, Akshai Sarin’s musical performance enthrals the audience when he showcases the limitless possibilities of Sonokinesis by integrating it with ordinary objects and revolutionizing participatory engagement and storytelling. In the presence of Royal Caribbean's global leadership team, he played the drums, melodies, and even a full song on the ship’s hull.

Expressing his excitement about this exceptional feat, Akshai Sarin shares, “I am supremely excited about our dual World Record attempt for ‘First and largest cruise ship played as a musical instrument.’ This is a statement to the limitless possibilities of Sonokinesis and its potential.” 

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