Dorwin John’s ‘Haan, Ohkay’ is a nod to the unconventionality capturing the hearts of the indie music world

The EP features a captivating collection of songs, including Naksha, Moze, and the title track Haan, Ohkay
In frame: Dorwin John
In frame: Dorwin John

Dorwin John, Mumbai's rising independent music star, unveiled his highly anticipated debut EP titled Haan, Ohkay recently. This three-track offering marks a significant step forward in Dorwin's burgeoning musical journey, showcasing his captivating songwriting and undeniable talent.

The Haan, Ohkay EP features a captivating collection of songs, including Naksha, Moze, and the title track Haan, Ohkay. Each track promises a unique sonic experience, brimming with Dorwin's signature blend of contemporary Indian music and heartfelt storytelling.

Adding to the allure of Dorwin John's Haan, Ohkay EP is the captivating artwork, crafted by the talented Rishik Raj. Known for his dynamic photography and directorial finesse, Raj infuses each visual element with vibrant hues and contemporary flair, perfectly complementing the EP's eclectic soundscape. His work captures the essence of emotion and energy, mirroring the raw emotion and creative fervour of Dorwin's music.

At just 24, Dorwin has already carved a distinct path for himself in the Indian Independent music scene. His captivating compositions and distinctive vocals have garnered him a loyal fanbase, eager to experience his musical evolution.

In 2023, Dorwin made a splash with the release of his debut solo singles, Aasha, Jaga De, Gaya Gaya, and Parinaam.

Dorwin's captivating stage presence has further cemented his place within the Indian music landscape. In 2023, he took the stage at the coveted Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, captivating audiences with his undeniable charisma. He also played a pivotal role in the live shows celebrating the launch of Ritviz's critically acclaimed album Mimmi, performing across Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bhubaneswar, and Nagpur. Additionally, Dorwin's talent shone brightly during an intimate set at Sofar Sessions, Mumbai, held in October, last year.

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In frame: Dorwin John
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Dorwin's influence extends beyond the realm of independent music. His remarkable voice became the soundtrack for Netflix India's official promotional video for the fifth and final season of the global phenomenon Money Heist, a testament to his versatility as a vocalist.

As Dorwin continues to refine his craft and explore new creative avenues, his unique blend of musicality and storytelling promises to enthral audiences worldwide. The Haan, Ohkay EP serves as a captivating introduction to this rising star, offering a glimpse into the sonic universe he is poised to create.

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