Neha Kakkar recalls not having a huge budget for ‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ and ‘Mile Ho Tum’ music videos

On an episode of Superstar Singer 3, judge Neha Kakkar reminisces about initially recording her songs and her journey so far with brother Tony Kakkar.
In frame: Neha Kakkar
In frame: Neha Kakkar

Singer Neha Kakkar took a stroll down memory lane and recalled working on the tracks Sawan Aaya Hai and Mile Ho Tum with her brother Tony Kakkar, sharing how it was a risk for them as they had invested a lot in these songs, but decided to shoot the music videos at a small location.

In the new episode titled Neha's B'Day Bash of the a reality show, a contestant, Laisel Rai, paid tribute to her inspiration, Neha, by singing Sawan Aaya Hai and Mile Ho Tum.

Impressed by Laisel's performance, Neha, who is a judge on the show, said: "If someone were to find a replacement for me, I would choose Laisel because she sings so well. I just love you, Laisel and thank you so much for this beautiful performance."

She further reminisced about recording the songs, saying, "It took me back in time. I would like to share that my brother Tony and I had worked on this music video and back then, a lot of people didn't believe that we would be able to make a good music video for this song. It was a risk for us as we had invested a lot in this song, but we took the decision of shooting this song at a small location."

In frame: Neha Kakkar
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"The day I was shooting for this song. I had just come back from a show, so I went to shoot in the same makeup because we didn't have a huge budget for the music video. With limited funds, we made this video, but eventually, the song went on to cross one million likes. This was one of the most liked love song videos and so, this song is very special to me." she added.

Neha's sister, Sonu Kakkar, shared, "It was so lovely, and it reminded me of Nehu's childhood; it gave me glimpses of her energy and passion. In some places, you gave such good variations that only those who have a good understanding of music can get right. In simple songs, it can become a challenge, but you did a good job. And I truly feel that some of your variations were the same as Neha's."

In frame: Neha Kakkar
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