Serial Thrillers: Here are five true crime podcasts you should check out!

Whodunnit and who listened? From ghost stories to true crime cases check out these 5 podcasts if you're in dire need of an adrenaline rush!
Serial Thrillers: Here are five true crime podcasts you should check out!

Picture this, you’re finally home alone. You put on a face mask, order a pizza and everything is calm and quiet. But you know what would shake things up?

Perhaps a true crime podcast! While this concept might scare a few people, there are a group of people who enjoy listening to true crime stories. The adrenaline, the suspense and in most cases, the justice!

However, perhaps the most rewarding skill you acquire after listening to true crime podcasts is preparedness. You take note of your surroundings and are way smarter than, say, that one movie character who trips while running away from a serial killer. Without further ado, here are five true crime podcasts you should check out!

1. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast: 

Hosted by two best friends, Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelley take you through all kinds of cases. From serial killers to mysterious deaths even covering the odd story concerning paranormal activity and haunted places. They also have a series titled Listener Tales where they read out fan-written spooky stories. Their banter and jokes will make you feel like you’re chilling with your friends. Interesting storytelling about an interesting case brought to you by an interesting duo. What could go wrong?

2. Death, Lies and Cyanide

The Jolly Amma Joseph case shook the entire state of Kerala as well as our country. Narrated by Sashi Kumar, this podcast will make you feel like you’re smack-dab in the middle of Koodathai, Kozhikode. With background chattering and excerpts from neighbours, this podcast feels no less than watching a scary movie.

3. Bear Brook

It’s 1985 and you are in the woods of New Hampshire. It’s summer and you are playing a fun game of hide and seek, all of sudden you see a barrel. Harmless right? Until you peek inside. 

This was the case for three boys who came across a barrel in Bear Brook State Park. Fifteen years later, barrel number two is found 300 meters from the first. The contents of the barrels revealed the bodies of four young victims; a woman and three young girls. Now the only thing that fills their minds are questions, who are these victims? What happened to them? What was the motive behind their murder? Is something much more sinister afoot? Host, Jason Moon takes you through this once-cold case and brings you virtually to the uncovering of a serial killer.

4. The Desi Crime Podcast 

Whether you want to know more about desi killers, kidnappers, lore etc. or maybe you want some paranormal stories, Aryaan Misra and Aishwarya Singh have got it all. They also have a great segment called Chai and Chithi where they share their fans’ stories. What sets them apart? Background information. They provide background information on the perpetrator and the victim. Not only does this get you more invested in the case, it also creates an emotional connection.

5. Dr. Death

This podcast was so captivating that it was adapted into a TV series by the same name. This podcast follows the horrifying career of Christopher Duntsch, the now-jailed neurosurgeon who performed a series of tragic operations on patients around the Dallas-Fort Worth area over many years. These surgeries left 33 people injured and many either maimed or paralyzed. This podcast not only gives you a look inside this surgeon’s mind but also sheds light on the dangers and dysfunctions in the American medical system.  

Serial Thrillers: Here are five true crime podcasts you should check out!
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