World Music Day: 18 musicians across the country share what music means to them

The musicians span across different genres, cities and cultures but music is that one element that unites them
World Music Day is celebrated on June 21
World Music Day is celebrated on June 21

When you start talking about music, you probably run out of words to describe it. you can call it a feeling, an expression, a friend, a companion, an escape into another world — literally anything. It could be anything for you, but the matter of fact is, it means something to everyone. so, as we celebrate World Music Day today, it only makes sense to speak to some of the best in the industry to know everything that they think about music.

Vidya Vox (pop fusion, Chennai/Virginia)

Music is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of anxiety. It’s the feeling after rain and a connection with my inner world.

Akanksha Bhandari (singer/songwriter, Mumbai)

Lately, I have fallen in love with music all over again. For me, it’s the way it brings people together, creating a sense of community and connection that goes beyond borders and languages. What strikes me most about music is its ability to be both universal and personal. As I reflect on what music means to me, I am filled with gratitude. It’s my constant companion, my solace and my passion.

Sahil Magar (classical music, Mumbai)

I see music as this one person who is constantly there for me. Even when I am sad, angry, crying or having any sort of feeling, I know for a fact that is the person I know who I am going to run to and channelise my thoughts. Music is the world to me. It’s everything to me and I can’t live without it


Behram Siganporia (vocalist/guitarist, Bengaluru)

We might be classified as a band performing Indian music only because we’re Indians. But our musical sensibilities are very western. The idea or the concept of Indian guys playing English music or international music is something that the world has very warmly welcomed. There are artistes who are making a mark for themselves and India in different parts of the world and we are happy that we are getting that little bit of recognition for our work and I feel it’s only the beginning.

Dhee (singer/songwriter, Sydney)

Music means everything to me and it’s hard to think of another word except ‘everything.’ I don’t think I’ve ever seen music as a separate entity. I think it’s everywhere and it’s everything to me. It’s like a divine presence. I find myself in this world through music and I process and figure out whatever I’m feeling through music. Most people have some kind of music that they love and are moved by, so, I think music is one of those things that we all have in common.

Shreya Jain (singer/songwriter, Nagpur)

Music is my outlet to express my feelings regarding love, anger, loneliness, sadness and happiness. I love sharing phases and stories of my life through my music. I’ve always been a very curious person and thus I love exploring genres and fusing Indian classical with different genres. There’s nothing I can imagine doing rather than making songs and doing music. I’m truly blessed that I am a musician and everyday I get to do what I love so passionately.

SlowCheeta (rap artiste, Mumbai)

I feel music is the oldest known time machine. It allows you to travel into spaces and dimensions that you would imagine you need to do thousands of years of meditation to be able to access. But one good song and you are back in the ’90s . One inspiring song and you can see yourself being a successful person, five or ten years down the line. So, I feel it has this innate ability to make you time travel change your mood in just seconds and that always fascinates me.

Dhvani Bhanushali (pop singer, Mumbai)

A lot has changed in music. Most importantly people are open and there are no bounds to languages or genres. Independent artistes are rising and with it I also feel pop music is becoming very successful. I feel you just have to be authentically yourself as an artiste and you will find an audience for yourself.

Kanika Kapoor (pop singer, Lucknow)

Music is the essence of my life and my deepest passion. It is my way of expressing myself, telling stories and touching hearts. It brings joy, comfort and inspiration and has the power to heal and unite. For me, music is a constant companion that enriches every moment and gives meaning to my journey.

Shilpa Rao (playback singer, Jamshedpur)

Music helps me convey emotions and connect with people on a deeply personal level. It brings joy and serves as a constant companion through life’s moments. For me, creating and performing music is not just a profession but a profound passion and a vital part of who I am.

Jonita Gandhi (playback singer, Brampton/Mumbai)

Music started out as being an escape and something I could count on to make me feel special. It made me feel seen and it helped me make sense of the emotions I had growing up as an Indian girl in Toronto. I could always turn to music to be my best friend. Throughout my life, I witnessed the healing power of music. It played a really big role in my dad’s recovery from a major accident and now, it often helps me keep my mental health in check. Not only have I made it my career, but through music I have met some of the most incredible people in my life.

Madhubanti Bagchi (pop singer, Kolkata)

Music is that one place I call home. When everything goes wrong in the world, when nothing is working as per my desires and I’m feeling a little cornered, I go back to my music. It feels like the mothership, honestly. So, I hope and I’m pretty sure most of the musicians would agree, that music is that one thing that never lets you down.

Vasu Kainth (pop singer, Ludhiana)

Music is my lifelong companion and expression. It’s my way of feeling, connecting and sharing emotions. It’s my passion, my voice and my way of making sense of the world.

Samarth Swarup (playback singer, Mumbai)

Music, according to me, is the superpower of being able to control a listener’s breathing pattern and mood, with the sonic atmosphere that you create. It has a major impact on people and has the ability to transport them in different moods and mind spaces. On a personal level, music is one of the best things in my life. I have been a crazy and nerdy music person since my childhood.

Akshath Acharya (pop singer, Mumbai)

Music, for me, is a complement to my life, whether I am at the gym or I am feeling low or I am feeling happy, music acts as a constant companion. When I want to motivate myself before a live performance, I have a playlist for that. When I need to work out, I have a playlist for that as well. When I am sad, I have another playlist, which acts as a warm blanket for me. So, when I get messages from my listeners telling me that my music had the same effect on their lives, that is the best feeling an artiste can ever have

Aanchal Tyagi (Fusion music/ Indore)

Music holds a deeply personal significance in my life, it has become my identity! Whether I'm feeling elated or contemplative, music has an uncanny ability to amplify those emotions, providing a soundtrack to my inner world. I’ve grown up learning and listening to all kinds of music and creatively, music has fueled my imagination and inspiration through the years. As a listener, it sparks creativity and as a musician, it offers a means of self-expression and communication. Being a Chartered Accountant by qualification, I chose to pursue my career in music, so one can imagine what level of importance music holds in my life! Always grateful for the fact that music has been, is and will always be my companion.

Jatin and Wings (folk singer/ Mumbai)

Music has been an integral part of my upbringing. From old Bollywood to gazals to classical music. I still remember the first time I felt the power of music. There was an incident and I was too messed up. I sat in a corner and strummed a chord on my guitar. At that moment every negative emotion vanished..sitting in that corner with my guitar a lot of gates opened within me. The genres never drew the boundaries for me. I have created rock, metal, hip-hop, pop and currently I traveled to the remotest parts of Rajasthan in search of the finest folk voices for some Sufi folk songs that I had written and composed. And I launched an EP named Sufi Folk Tales. Music has given me everything. Life feels a lot worthy when I am creating music or writing. I tried a lot of other things. At least to me, everything else felt meaningless.

Tricksingh (hip-hop artiste)

Music, for me, is a means of connecting with my deeper self, the universe and my place in it. It’s grounding and it’s real. It’s a way of communicating with myself and understanding my own emotions and also as a result finding my people and individuals who resonate with my art in the process. My music is a window into who I am, and allows me to express things in ways I could never speak of otherwise. It makes me so grateful that I get to decorate time for strangers and paint a little corner in the canvas of their memories and music has allowed me to make that happen.


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World Music Day is celebrated on June 21
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