Paris-based DJ GREG gears up for his debut gig in Chennai

DJ and producer GREG is gearing up for his performance in Chennai on Friday as part of Fête de la Musique 2024

The electronic music scene in Chennai is all set to reach a crescendo as Paris-based DJ and producer GREG, a popular name in the club scene, is gearing up to bring the house down with his pulsating beats.

A resident DJ at Paris’s La CREOLE party and Rinse France web radio, his eclectic, high-energy sets are a smashing hit across France and Europe. As the DJ gets behind the turntables for his maiden tour to Chennai, Indulge chats with him.

This is your debut tour to India, and you have already performed in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, and Chandigarh. How do you find the Indian audiences?

They seem to be open to everything, whether it’s house, techno, or dancehall; they followed my beats and kept grooving.

Are your sets for the Indian audiences any different from those in Europe?

Not really! I am just taking a little more time to understand the crowd, as this is my first time in the country.

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Do you follow Indian music? If yes, what do you like to listen to?

To be honest, I have been listening to music through Boiler Room (a club promoter based in London). I’ve been following Rasa on her social media handle, as she often tours France. And I recently met the MadStarBase crew in Delhi.

Have you tried integrating any Indian music into your sets?

Not yet, but I might do so soon. The edits of MadStarBase are crazy and dancefloor-ready and I think they will perfectly fit my vibe.

Did you get to explore the nightlife music scene in India?

I did. The only big difference I find is that the parties here wind up early.

How was La CREOLE born?

La CREOLE was created by Guadeloupean stylist Vincent Frederic Colombo and French photographer Fanny Viguier. It started as an exhibition of Fanny’s picture with DJs playing in the after parties. It worked so well that they decided to become a proper collective and throw parties every month. I joined the collective in 2019. 

How has the club scene evolved ever since you started performing in 2019?

Every year, new DJs storm the scene and new music genres seem to be evolving. Take, for instance, Singeli from Tanzania and Raptor House from South America. Technology is also evolving, but not as fast as music.

You have two celebrated EPs in your kitty: Eau Coulée Smart City and Jazz Net. Please share your experience working on them.

I always take a lot of time to complete my music, which is why I have released only two EPs till now. Every time, I begin the tracks in Paris and finish them in Mauritius (his birthplace). I do a lot of demos first, and then I select the best ones and work on them. I try to test it during my gig; send it to my close friends and get their feedback. After that, I send all the tracks to mix and master and we are ready to release. 

What are your upcoming projects?

I’m working on my third EP, which might release this year or early 2025. I will release more music than I ever did next year. 

Entry free. Today, 6 pm onwards. At Thiru Vi Ka Park.


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