Spotlight Edition 8: Drama, dialogue & everything in between

This edition brings three plays that will leave you with lots of food for thought   

Rupam Jain Published :  01st December 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st December 2023 12:00 AM
A still from The Ghosts on a Mother’s Birthday

A still from The Ghosts on a Mother’s Birthday

Puguntha Veedu
The play deals with cultural and ideological differences between three friends, especially with respect to relationships. Anand is a typical old school guy; Raghav is in a live-in relationship, and Karthick has an extramarital love story. The three friends get into a situation that leads to a satirical tale talking about how rules, culture and tradition bend from time to time for our convenience and how each of their ideologies justifies themselves.

Cast of Puguntha Veedu

Writer and director Felix Kingsley tells us, “While the play delves into cultural ideologies, we are not taking a stand of right and wrong. Through the play and the various situations that the characters encounter, we are only having a conversation, all in a light-hearted manner. For instance, when Raghav, who is in a live-in relationship, learns about Karthick’s extramarital affair, he voices his opinion against it. There is a twist in the climax — the play ends with a not so funny conversation between Anand and the woman Karthick has an extramarital affair with.” 

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The Ghosts on a Mother’s Birthday
This is a satirical play in mockumentary style about a middle-aged mother who is surprised by her family and friends on her birthday and comes to a very critical realisation of her life through the course of the celebration. Everyone who comes to her party has an agenda in being there for her. From her own mother who might think that her son is better than her daughter yet seeks assistive care from her, to her boss who acknowledges the hardwork of his employee yet cannot promote her easily, they don’t have her best interest at heart but they may also rely on her for support to forward their own causes. 

Neha Saravanan, who has written and directed the play, says, “The story is inspired from a surprise birthday party I threw for my mother. Of course, it wasn’t as dramatic as how I have written this piece, but the crux remains the same. I have incorporated the ‘mockumentary’ style, wherein the protagonist  speaks   to the audience at  periodic intervals.”

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That is Life...
This is a story about a photographer who is resuming his passion after a long time. He goes to some events where he clicks different photographs. He then selects three pictures to frame — a picture of two friends; an actor at an event; and a married couple with their child. Suddenly, the people in the pictures start to come out of the frames and talk.

Cast of That is Life... take a break from rehearsals

Written by Balaji Siva and directed by Sai Prasanna, this play is full of surprising stories. Sai says, “For instance, the first picture is of two friends, but when the characters start conversing, we realise they are strangers. In the second picture, the actor laments on how she can never be herself! In the third picture, a married couple celebrates their child’s first birthday, but as they speak, we understand that the child is adopted!” 

Tickets at Rs 300.

December 3, 6:30 pm & 8:30 pm.

At Medai – The Stage, Alwarpet.

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