Durga Puja special: Check out what the celebs are doing during the festivities

With Durga Puja just a week away, we ask the city's celebs how they are planning to spend the five days 
What's Nusrat upto this Puja?
What's Nusrat upto this Puja?

Prosenjit Chatterjee | actor

For many years now, Pujas have primarily been a time when my films get released and this year too is not an exception with Gumnaami releasing on October 2. Usually, the first two-three days are spent promoting my movies and tracking box office collections and shooting. When the audience appreciate my acting and the movie does good business, that’s the biggest Puja gift for me.

<em>Prosenjit with his son Trishanjeet</em>
Prosenjit with his son Trishanjeet

I usually stick to a very restricted diet throughout the year, but during the Pujas and especially on Ashtami and Navami, I eagerly wait for the delectable Puja Bhog to arrive for lunch. I never miss that at any cost. Since I cannot venture out during the five days, I stay at home and spend time watching films by renowned directors and catch up with all the good work that I have missed due to work. I stay away from any sartorial fashion and wear comfort clothing during those days.

Sourav Ganguly | former Indian cricket captain
Dona Ganguly | Odissi danseuse

Like always, this Puja too we will spend our days at home because we have Durga Puja at home. It’s very happy affair with all relatives and friends coming home and having fun together. Barisha Sporting Club Puja (in Behala) is our neighbourhood Puja, which is like next door and even the bhog for the Puja goes from our home. Sourav and I don’t usually go pandal-hopping because he always gets mobbed.

<em>Sourav and Donna have plans to stay in the city</em>
Sourav and Donna have plans to stay in the city

Jisshu and Nilanjanaa Sengupta | actors

This year I will not be here in Kolkata during the Pujas since I am busy shooting in Mumbai. But, my two daughters Zara and Sara, and Nilanjanaa will visit my old neighbourhood Puja — Lake Sarbojonin
Durgotsav —like every year and have a great time eating Ashtami bhog and mingling with friends
and old acquaintances.

<em>Will Jisshu and Nilanjana be in town for Pujas?</em>
Will Jisshu and Nilanjana be in town for Pujas?

Jaya Ahsan | actor

Right now I am busy shooting for Atanu Ghosh’s Robibaar and during this Puja, I will be in all probability in the city, since after the festivities, another shooting will commence. I really love it during the Pujas in Kolkata since I miss this huge amount of artwork in pandals there. Here, the idols, the artwork and the aesthetics are all so mind-blowing and thought-provoking. I will be pandal-hopping to see all this and relax a bit with friends.

<em>Is Jaya Ahsan a pandal-hopper?</em>
Is Jaya Ahsan a pandal-hopper?

Nusrat Jahan | actor & MP

I am very excited about Puja this year since it’s my first Puja after marriage. Puja has always meant holidays, a lot of pandal-hopping, and new dresses and make-up, but the most important thing for me is having good adda over great food. It’s only this time of the year that I don’t follow any diet. I simply love visiting the famous and good pandals—and this tim around I will take Nikhil along with me to all the pandals that I usually visit.

<em>This will be Nusrat's first Puja after her marriage </em>
This will be Nusrat's first Puja after her marriage 

Being a typical Puja-crazy Bengali, he too is equally excited and involved. I am involved with Sreebhumi Sporting Club Puja and Chetla Agrani. Apart from that, I will visit my constituency Basirhat with Nikhil and also have plans to watch bisarjan at Taki. My dress code during Pujas? It has to be saris apart from nice dresses.

Jeet | actor

First, I wish everyone sharadiya shubhechha. Usually, I spend Pujas outside Kolkata with my family. During my childhood and college years, I used to go out and have a lot of fun with friends. But since I started acting, it is no longer possible. But, I don’t regret that because when I was aspiring to become an actor I knew and I was mentally prepared that I have to make certain sacrifices and going out for pandal hopping was surely one of them.

<em>For Jeet, Pujas is all about vacationing</em>
For Jeet, Pujas is all about vacationing

And, since it’s no longer possible for me to go out and enjoy during the Pujas, I prefer staying outside the city, if I don’t have a Puja film release that year. But I definitely would like my six-and-half-year-old daughter to experience Durga Puja later on when she’s old enough to understand the celebrations.

Srijit Mukherji | filmmaker

Every year I have Puja releases and this year too is not an exception with Gumnaami releasing on October 2. It goes without saying that I will be super busy with the promotion of this film, which is very close to my heart and will be running from one theatre to the other checking out audience responses besides keeping a track on the box office collections. After all this running around if I get some time left, I willdefinitely try to catch up with friends and eat my heart out.

<em>Srijit has one his most important films coming up this Puja</em>
Srijit has one his most important films coming up this Puja

Rituparna Sengupta | actor

My Puja days are usually divided between Singapore and Kolkata, and this time I might also have to go abroad for a few shows. But, the first few days I will be here since I am also the face of a couple of Pujas including Naktala Udayan Sangha. Also, several puja appearances take away my time. If my son comes from Singapore then, we will also go pandal-hopping and generally have a frolicking time together. I also wish all the Indulge readers a very happy Puja.

Shiboprosad Mukherjee | filmmaker and actor

Pujas are usually reserved for family and especially my mother and wife. They both will kill me if I keep any work during this five days. I simply stay at home relax and eat good food cooked by my wife on all these days. Apart from that, we also go to a few pandals including Tridhara and have a great time catching up with old friends.

<em>Shiboprosad Mukherjee is all about a traditional Puja</em>
Shiboprosad Mukherjee is all about a traditional Puja

Abir Chatterjee | actor

I will spend the Pujas the way I spend them every year and I am relieved that there is no release of mine this Puja, proving all predictions wrong. It’s true that a film release during the Pujas gives you an adrenaline rush but it also takes away time, energy and the ever-lasting anxiety about its box office fate, that keeps you on your toes.

<em>Abir is taking it easy this Puja</em>
Abir is taking it easy this Puja

This year, thankfully, I don’t have any film-related tension and I have some brands to promote and judging events to attend to. These are all prescheduled. I am looking forward to meeting people and expecting the festive love and warmth to be spread among my audience.

Tnusree Chakraborty | actor

<em>Tnusree has a film coming up this Puja</em>
Tnusree has a film coming up this Puja

This Puja, my film Gumnaami is releasing and I am pretty excited to be a part of such a hugely-anticipated film. Besides film promotions and other work-related commitments, I will spend the last three days of the Puja with friends and family and relax with good food.

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