Master Chef 2 winner Shipra Khanna turns judge with Chef vs Fridge 2

The chef who was a contestant at the culinary show has now turned judge with Zee5’s Chef vs Fridge 2

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Chef vs Kitchen

Chef Shipra Khanna in Chef vs Kitchen

Tables have turned for Shimla girl Shipra Khanna who shot to fame by winning MasterChef 2 in 2012. The chef who was a contestant at the culinary show has now turned judge with Zee5’s Chef vs Fridge 2. She is co-hosting the show with celebrated chef Ajay Chopra who once assessed her performance in Master Chef. Post her win Shipra made headlines offshore earning titles like Culinary Connoisseur for Tourism Australia and Cox & Kings, The Culinary Ambassador to Spain in 2017, and her book was named the Best Television Chef Book Outside Europe by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017. Excerpts from an interview:

From being a contestant to a judge in a culinary show. How are you feeling?

Though I have been a part of the culinary world for over a decade now, I have never been a judge and that’s one of the reasons I got on board the show. Chef vs Fridge is all about professional chefs competing with each other. 

How has the experience been so far?

The experience was amazing as there was so much to learn. I have travelled abroad extensively and worked with great chefs so this wasn’t a big challenge for me. The challenge was when chefs who are masters in their kitchen present a dish and we have to judge it. We had to be objective; we had to be fair with the food. There was a very thin line between the winner and the non-winner. Also the fridge which is called the Boss Chiller in the show added more fun to the whole experience.

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How challenging does the Boss Chiller aka the fridge make the competition? 

While I introduce the use of gadgets the Boss Chiller is the one who gives the most unpredictable twist to the show. Imagine asking a chef who is preparing a classic French gourmet meal to add mustard oil to the dish. The fridge adds fun to the show as well and challenges the chef’s creative skills, knowledge of the food and ability to improvise. 

How was it partnering with Chef Ajay who judged you in Master Chef?

It’s always great working with him. From mentor-contestant we became co-hosts and it was all about working with each other to bring the best out of the chefs. 

What are your future projects?

I have a lot of TV shows lined up. Also, I am coming up with a new book on desserts. I am also doing shows outside India. And finally, opening a restaurant is also in the pipeline.