Host Gaurav Gera and chef Vicky Ratnani team up for Chef Vs Fridge, a new reality cooking contest on Zee Cafe

author_img Praveena Parthiban Published :  25th April 2021 04:38 PM   |   Published :   |  25th April 2021 04:38 PM
Gaurav Gera and chef Vicky Ratnani

Gaurav Gera and chef Vicky Ratnani

In a conversation with Indulge, chef Vicky Ratnani speaks about his new reality show Chef Vs Fridge that's being telecast on Zee Cafe. The chef also opened up about working with host Gaurav Gera, and the importance of using simple ingredients in cooking.

He began by talking about the show and said, “Firstly, it’s a very unique concept which has been shown here. Secondly, I’m also a firm believer that if your fridge is even half full, you can create a whole party. As a chef, I love experimenting; my wife loves to experiment. We, infact, cook up random things very often. I found this very interesting. It’s also a great opportunity for chefs to showcase their talent. It’s going to be a very addictive formula and I can see that in many people’s houses, where they’re going to roleplay us and do some wonders in the kitchen.

Throwing more light on the kind of ingredients that contestants will be using, Vicky said, “Right from almond milk to lobster to starfruit to channa; it’s available, the kind of things which are in the fridge. The fridge has been really well-stocked with good quality ingredients and a lot of ingredients which showcase India as well.”

The chef expects to see undiscovered, experimental dishes with a twist. “I think it’s going to showcase creativity, showcase India, the new styles of cooking, versatility, and passion.”

His advice to the contestants was: “Don’t get overambitious with the time allotted, stick to the theme; it’s about originality and taste.”

Moving on to talk about his experience working with host Gaurav Gera, Vicky said, “We (Gaurav Gera and him) became really good friends and he is an amazing guy. We balanced out the ‘batter’ really well. I mean, he was doing his fight scenes and I was doing my foodie things. Both get funny at one time. I think I’m really looking forward to people’s opinion, what they think of us together.”

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“I think we did very well. It was good fun,” he added.

On a personal note, Vicky revealed that the most memorable food-travel experience for him in general was in Peru. “One of the most amazing places where I went to. A country like that, which was so rich in their food and diversity. In a radius of 20 km, there were four restaurants which are in the top ten restaurants of the world. 

“Their whole approach, from using local, indigenous ingredients to create masterpieces in a restaurant, and meeting up with chefs who are so humble in their approach and so honest and dedicated to their trade, it was a mind-blowing experience,” he gushed.

The chef also spoke about his upcoming projects and said, “Urban Desi is my book which is coming out now. It’s about cooking in an urban way with recipes from all parts of India; my favourite recipes. And there’s another book in the way.”

On a concluding note, Vicky called for more promotion of local, seasonal produce that was fresh.

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