Here is how you can get a masterclass with celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani 

The Mumbai-based chef is making a stopover for a Back to Roots session in Chennai, cooking international cuisines with local ingredients

Sonali Shenoy Published :  11th March 2021 07:00 PM   |   Published :   |  11th March 2021 07:00 PM
Mumbai Based Chef Vicky Ratnani

Mumbai Based Chef Vicky Ratnani

Vicky Ratnani is a busy man. The celebrity chef who has cooked for the likes of greats like Nelson Mandela and hosted a broad spectrum of TV shows tells us that apart from a new venture that specializes in family-style Sindhi fare, he also has a novel project underway in the middle of the Rajasthan desert and promises fans that season 4 of his popular web series, Vicky the Gastronaut is coming soon. 

But this weekend, he’s pressing pause for a quick weekend masterclass in Chennai. The Mumbai-based chef will be taking participants Back to Roots with a session focussing on international cuisine with locally sourced ingredients.

Q & A with the chef:

What do you have in store for your session in Chennai?  
The bag for my Chennai audience will be a mix of fun and quirky. Since the theme is back to roots — I will be revisiting some global dishes with local fare.

And are you going to be doing any food research while in the South — for inspiration or future menus?
I actually am, there is an interesting project in Bengaluru, so doing a bit of reading and brainstorming...

What projects are you working on right now?
A few at the moment — we have a menu for the Bira Taprooms in Bengaluru and I have started a new kitchen called The Speakeasy Kitchen in Bandra, Mumbai. It’s a dark kitchen which specializes in Sindhi food from my family recipes, homemade pastas and three types of Slow Roast Chicken with sides. This is a pop-up concept and does private dinners, bespoke menus and also live stations at high-end weddings.

From your Instagram feed, we can tell that you recently spent some time in Rajasthan. Are you working on anything new there?
We spent a couple of days in Mihir Garh from the House of Rohet, a nine-room super property in the middle of the desert. I am working on something there but it’s too early to reveal details.

The last time we spoke, you had recently returned from Australia from shooting a show. Do you have anything in production or in the pipeline at the moment?     
There’s Vicky the Gastronaut, Season 4. I am also shooting a new show for Zee Café and some content for Amazon's Alexa.

With the hospitality industry going through a major shift, in the face of massive losses and uncertainty, has anything good come out of COVID for chefs and restaurant owners?
Quality, resource management, hygiene practises and realising the value of your team, waste management and crisis management.

We have to ask before we let you go, what are your plans for Holi?  
Home with up a storm and some Bloody Marys! 

Masterclass at Palladium, Phoenix MarketCity. On March 12. 4 pm to 6 pm.Register online.


Wonder melon

We asked the chef for a simple recipe to whip up over Holi, which is around the corner and he shared this easy-to-make dessert. All you need to do is to cut a melon into two and remove the pulp. In a pan, take two cups of packaged orange juice and add 1 tsp agar-agar or any packaged jelly. As the mixture thickens, remove from the fire and pour into the melons. Set in the refrigerator for two hours. Cut in slices and serve cold.