Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant claims new husband works in US President Donald Trump's team, however, refuses to share his pictures

Rakhi reveals she has married her biggest fan, Ritiesh, an NRI from the UK

Rakhi Sawant has confirmed the news that she has married an NRI. The TV artiste on a WhatsApp interview shared that she has married her fan, who she met through social media. “I am married to a guy named Ritiesh. He is an NRI from the UK and he is working in Donald Trump’s team,” revealed Rakhi.

However, when asked to share a picture of her wedding, which she says took place on July 28 at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, Rakhi refused saying, “He has a protocol to follow. His photo cannot be shared openly. He is an Indian NRI. He is a very big fan of mine. I have blindly married him, I didn’t check anything about him. I didn’t ask anything about his job or his bank balance and I haven’t even met his parents. I married him blindly. He is the best guy. My pati is my parmeshwar,” revealed the actor through a voice note.

When further prodded about whether she will host a reception for her fans in India, Rakhi said she will host a big reception for her family. But before that Rakhi has to fly to the US to meet her new husband, she further revealed that they will be going on a month-long honeymoon to Italy, Rome and Israel. However, as of now, everyone is waiting to get a glimpse of Rakhi’s pati parmeshwar who is working in Donald Trump’s team - as claimed by her.

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