Has Zaira Wasim quit Bollywood because of an external threat or fear of a fatwa?  

From filmmakers and activists to politicians, here are reactions that throw up many possibilities about why the actress has decided to quit the industry
Zaira Wasim
Zaira Wasim

Has actress Zaira Wasim announced her decision to quit the film industry because of religious pressure or is it a publicity stunt before her next film, The Sky is Pink that is scheduled for release in October this year? Everyone is wondering what pushed the actress to make this decision.

A host of celebrities have reacted to this decision and have expressed disappointment. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit was among the first ones to react. He said, "If you think your career is not going the way you want, then you can retire, but don't say that you are going away from God due to acting."

The actress had mentioned in her Instagram post that she felt her relationship with her relationship seem threatened because of her career choice. Zaira had also gone onto mention that she is a proud Muslim and that she is happy to have many followers in neighbouring Pakistan. Ashoke reacted to this by saying, "Nowhere, does she mention that she is a proud Indian too. If you are under pressure from Pakistan or any terrorist organisation from Kashmir to leave this field, then come out in open and speak about it but don't give it a religious connotation," reported ANI.

Women's activist, Abha Singh expressed her concern for Zaira. "My worry is whether this girl has been threatened because she comes from Kashmir," said the activist to news agencies. Singh also appealed to the J&K government to investigate if there is an outside pressure on this young girl who is a youth icon.

BJP leader, Shazia Ilmi too said that it isn't the right decision to quit if there is pressure on her from outsiders. "If Zaira Wasim is quitting acting because of threat or fatwa, then this is unfortunate," said the BJP leader, adding, "but if she is doing this out of her own will, then we must respect her decision," she said.

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