"Most complex phase": Actor Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies ahead of Aisha Season 3

Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies fame, who features in the new season of the web series Aisha, says he doesn't want to limit himself only to acting, but in the entire creative process of storytelling.
TV producer Raghu Ram (File Photo: IANS)
TV producer Raghu Ram (File Photo: IANS)

Mumbai, March 10: MTV Roadies famed TV producer and actor Raghu Ram, who features in the new season of web series Aisha, says he doesn't want to limit himself only to acting, and is more interested in exploring the entire creative process of storytelling.

Raghu says: "I see myself in the process of storytelling rather than just being an actor. I have been producing content for so many years for television and working in production, that the moment writing gets over, I think about shooting.

"When the shoot gets over, I do not think what will be my new acting assignment. I start thinking of post-production. So, I would like to be a part of the whole process of storytelling and execute my vision, my creativity. The process is constantly rewarding."

In the third season of Aisha, Raghu's character goes through a devastating phase.

Asked about how he looks at the character graph since the beginning of the story, he said: "It is the most complex phase of the character. But I must say that with each season that I am playing Siddarth Babbar (Sid), I see my growth as a performer as the graph of the character is getting more layered.

"In this situation, I am allowing the character to take me to his mind-space... It is just the other way round when I am approaching the character. It takes quite a lot of mental preparation to play that character," explained the actor.

The show, which started in 2016, is produced by Raghu alongwith his brother Rajiv Laxman. The new season also features Aahana Kumra.

After producing MTV Roadies for 11 years and also launching the show MTV Splitsvilla, Raghu started exploring the web space from 2016.

What interests him with this format?

"I think I find the web space interesting because it is interactive. When it comes to TV, we are making a show for a larger audience, even though it is a youth show. When it comes to digital entertainment, it is for personal viewing, and therefore the expectation is different. 

"The constant interaction with the audience is actually giving us a chance to learn a lot while creating the show."

Raghu got married for the second time last year, and asked about how has life changed after the wedding, he said: "I think life is better. I highly recommend marriage to everyone, really. She is a lovely singer and I am a huge fan. I am lucky to find an incredible human being like Natalie (Di Luccio) and getting married to her. I think there is not a single day goes by that I do not feel lucky! She is special."

Aisha streams on OTT platform Arre and MX Player.

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