Kangana Ranaut releases a video in which she calls the media 'a sell-out' and refuses to apologise

The actor says a section of journalists are unworthy, traitors who are pseudo-liberals
A grab from Kangana's video
A grab from Kangana's video

Kangana Ranaut continues to accuse the media and has now released a two-part video in which she has called journalists, ‘nalayakh, deshdrohi, sasti and bikau (unworthy, traitors, cheap and sell-out)’. The video that was shared on Kangan’s official account, was also posted on her sister Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account. Kangana accused a section of the media saying it is gnawing at the integrity and unity of the country. 

She also accused the media of expressing it’s “offensive” opinions. She said, “Yeh jo bikau media hai, jo khud ko liberal aur secular kehti hai, yeh dusvi fail bhi nahin hai, yeh pseudo liberal hai (This sell-out media that calls itself liberal and secular is not even10th fail media. They are pseudo liberal).” The actor further refused to apologise and reiterated that the journalist involved was running a ‘smear campaign’ against her. It was on Sunday, at the song launch of her film, that Kangana started an argument with journalist Justin Rao from PTI when he attempted to ask the actor a question. 

In the video, Kangana goes onto accuse the media saying, “Media ne dhamki dena shuru kiya hai ki mujhe ban kar denge, ya meri koi film cover nahin karenge ya mera career barbaad kardenge. Arre nalayakon, deshdrohiyon, bikau logon, tum logon ko kharidne ke liye lakhon bhi nahin chahiye, tum log itne saste ho, pachaas-saath rupye mein bich jaate ho (Media has started warning me saying they will ban me, they won’t give my films any coverage and that they will destroy my career. But unworthy, traitors and sell-outs, you people are so cheap that I don’t require even a few lakhs to buy you out, you will sell yourselves for as less as 50 or 60 rupees).” However, Kangana did mention that some journalists have helped her throughout her career, but not the journalists who she is accusing. 

While the actor continues to rant against the media, her film’s producer, Ekta Kapoor, issued an apology statement through her production house, BalajiMotionPictures. The Entertainment Journalists Guild that sent a letter to Ekta the day before saying they would boycott Kangana Ranaut if she didn't apologise, said the producer’s apology wouldn’t alter the ban. "We appreciate the gesture shown by Ekta Kapoor on account of tendering the apology to the Entertainment Journalists Guild and we duly acknowledge her statement. The subject was discussed in the committee meeting of Entertainment Journalists Guild and it was unanimously decided that Entertainment Journalists Guild shall continue to extend its support to the film - JudgeMentall Hai Kya? However the restraint of Kangana Ranaut in the form of this fraternity initiated boycott will still persist until a formal apology has been extended by Kangana Ranaut," read the statement issued by Entertainment Journalists Guild.

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