Sourav Ganguly reveals why being fashionable is always important whether cricketer or not

However, Sourav says it is easier for players, over regular people, to remain healthy, as it is a part of their routines, even after they have retired from the game. 

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Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly

The 2019 ICC World Cup is around the corner, and while India is fielding a competent squad, it also has some of the most stylish players of the game. If Virat Kohli sports a short crop and a trimmed beard, expect Hardik Pandya to add a dash of colour with his West Indian-inspired look. Meanwhile, we realise style has come a long way in the Indian cricket team, and like many others of the era, Sourav Ganguly or ‘Dada’, like he is popularly called all around the country, also likes to keep things simple, with a neat haircut as he remains casual, classy and dapper.

We recently caught up with the former Indian skipper at the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the Advanced Hair Studio in Chennai, for whom, the cricketer has been a brand ambassador for a little over four years now. He was accompanied by Chennai Super Kings bowler, Mohit Sharma. Talking about their association, Sanket Shah, CEO and Managing Director of Advanced Hair Studio, India Subcontinent & Middle East says, “As we say in the field of medicine, precaution is better than cure, and all we do is take care of Sourav’s hair and make sure it is healthy and doesn’t deteriorate.” Now, the haircare brand has also roped in Chennai Super Kings and Indian cricketer Mohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh to be a part of the family, as the former sports a slick hairstyle and the secret of the latter stays under his turban.  

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Game of style
While we are tempted to mull over cricket like any other cricket fan with him, we ask him about the importance of haircare and wellness, as a part of a cricketer’s daily routine. With different weather conditions, Sourav surprisingly says it is quite important for cricketers to pay attention to themselves, even while they are travelling and playing around the world. “Players like MS Dhoni, Mohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh can play daily in the Chennai heat only because they have high fitness levels, and look after themselves,” notes the 46-year-old.

A social media buzz
Currently, as an advisor to the Delhi Capitals team, Sourav says it is easier for players, over regular people, to remain healthy, as it is a part of their routines, even after they have retired. “When we leave the game, we don’t want to look unfit from head-to-toe when we look in the mirror,” says the Kolkata boy, who adds that with the rise of social media and Instagram, players have to noticeably step up their fashion game now, more than before. If Virat Kohli gets a haircut, it does not take long for it to go viral, and many fans immediately sport it on the streets, because India is a place where cricket is considered a religion. While Sourav says Mohit would be the right person to talk about it, the rather soft-spoken fast bowler laughs it off, and says Dada explains it better, and that he isn’t too active on social media either. “Being fashionable is always important because people want to look good and it is always nice to receive a compliment, whether you are a cricketer or not,” Sourav adds.

Squad goals
While Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya are among the influential ones, KL Rahul is definitely one of the other Indian players who is among the most stylish on and off the field, whereas MS Dhoni likes to keep it simple yet suave. On the other hand, Shikhar Dhawan and Ravindra Jadeja, who are a part of the World Cup squad, also sport handlebar moustaches, with varying hairstyles including the classic bald look to beat the summer heat. With so many different kinds of hairstyles to pick from, Sourav says it would be difficult to pick any favourite cut. “I think it is often difficult for cricketers to sport funky hairstyles, as they are always under the helmet,” he says, reminding us of MS Dhoni’s older hairstyle, which was a rage just like his helicopter shot. However, over the years, even the likes of Dhoni have opted for a shorter cut, which is definitely more comfortable.

Humorously, he notes that being a part of the Delhi Capitals team in the Indian Premier League, it seems like every player is influenced by the other, with the same kind of beard and hairstyle. “There is a sidecut with hair on top, and even the new army look that Rabada sports now,” Ganguly says, as Mohit Sharma laughs in agreement. At the end of the day, we are left wondering if the similar hairstyles, which clearly seems to be the latest trend, is a pre-cursor ahead of the World Cup, which is set to start on May 30.