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'4 Year escalator, an album by apartment upstairs

Apartment Upstairs' new EP, 4 Year Escalator, is a smooth blend of styles

Naming a band is one of the most critical decisions that musicians have to make

Published on 21st January 2022
A guide to happy health

A guide to happy health: follow these basic lifestyle changes to keep your health issues away in 2022

Here are a few basic lifestyle changes that you can make to reach your health goals slowly and gradually

Published on 21st January 2022
Working on ways to live life zero-waste

Working on ways to live life zero-waste

Under its resources section, the website offers ideas and literature on various aspects of sustainability.

Published on 18th January 2022

What are the features of Toyota’s upcoming lifestyle pickup truck Hilux?

Toyota is gearing up for the launch of the Hilux — marking the Japanese manufacturer’s entrance in the niche lifestyle pickup truck segment

Published on 14th January 2022

Style Island’s Fall/Winter collection ranges from beaded and sequin jumpsuits to velvet dresses and skirts  

Inspired by fashion runway trends, the collection boasts a wide range of silhouettes and fabrics. 

Published on 8th January 2022
Pic: Tanisha Bhattacharjee

How to style your pre-owned and vintage clothes for four fresh winter looks 

From double denim to cosy minimals, here is how to stay stylish this season 

Published on 22nd December 2021
farmer's market

You Care Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho to celebrate Kisan Diwas with a four-day digital festival

The 4-day festival introduces home-grown and farm to table products, offers, and other interesting activities on their social media.

Published on 17th December 2021
Representational image.

The Stressor Setback: Everything you need to know about oxidative stress

A look at the silent cause of deteriorating health

Published on 19th December 2021
The current buzzword in the wellness circuit is the pegan plan, which includes 75 percent vegetables and 25 percent high-quality meat

Embrace the best of meat and veggies with a 'pegan' diet plan

The pegan diet, which espouses a unique combination of meat and vegetables, is the new food on a health buff’s menu

Published on 19th December 2021
This week's list includes Seniorworld’s motion-sensing light, iGear’s rechargeable chopper, Tempo Vision’s virtual gym, and more

Virtual gyms, rechargeable vegetable choppers, motion-sensing lights: These gadgets make sure you live life in style

This week’s list includes Seniorworld’s motion-sensing light, iGear’s rechargeable chopper, Tempo Vision’s virtual gym and more

Published on 3rd December 2021

Kunal Rawal’s festive capsule collection is all about his signature silhouettes and styles

Expect kurtas, bandhgalas and jackets with embroidery in the shades of beige, wine and blue

Published on 3rd December 2021
Luchi Kosha Mangsho

Hyderabad's Sarkar’s Kitchen offers delectable dishes such as chicken cutlets and home-style murgir jhol

Hyderabad's Sarkar's Kitchen has a new address

Published on 26th November 2021
Not So Pink’s new collection

A new collection by Not So Pink offers latest styles in workwear fashion across a range of sizes

Not So Pink’s new collection offers latest styles in workwear fashion across a range of inclusive sizes and unusual hues

Published on 19th November 2021

Tech update: Microsoft launches new Fluent style emoji in Windows 11

The company said that these new emojis are beginning to roll out as part of optional November 2021 Windows 11 preview release

Published on 24th November 2021
Eliza Wrap maternity dress by Misaso (Photo| Special Arrangement)

Delhi-based entrepreneurs style maternity clothes with love

Organically sourced women's clothing brand MISASO offers comfortable and trendy attire for pregnancy, post-partum or any phase of life

Published on 21st November 2021

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