Genelia D'Souza posts emotional Instagram post for son Riaan's birthday

Genelia took to social media to post a very emotional post on her son Riaan's fifth birthday.
Genelia with son Riaan
Genelia with son Riaan

It's Bollywood's favourite couple Riteish-Genelia Deshmukh's firstborn, Riaan's fifth birthday. The former actress-model took it to social media to post a very emotional post.

"Every parent says 'I don't want him to grow up, I want to freeze this age forever'.. But I don't.. I want to enjoy every year of yours, I want to see you grow into a fine young man, I want to give you wings to fly and I'd like to be the wind beneath those wings. I want to tell you that life is tough but you are tougher, I want you to always believe in yourself no matter what happens cause I will always believe in you," she wrote in a lengthy post.

Sharing two very cute pictures of them both, she said that she feels Riaan's birth is one of the greatest things that happened to her.

"Apart from everything I want and I wish for you, the one thing I never want to fail to let you know, is that I love you so so so much and you are the greatest thing that happened to me.. There is nothing I'd rather see than your smile and nothing I'd rather hear than your laughter. For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. Happy Birthday to the little boy who made me a mom- My first born," Genelia added.

Genelia got married to actor Riteish Deshmukh in 2012. The couple had their first child in 2014. Their second son, Rahyl, was born in June 2016.

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