Samyuktha Hegde viral video: 'The world doesn't need more moral policing,' says Richa Chadha supporting the Kannada actress

Samyuktha Hegde was assaulted by Karnataka INC leader for allegedly wearing inappropriate clothes while working out in a park
Samyuktha Hegde
Samyuktha Hegde

Kannada actress Samyuktha Hegde's 'live' video on Instagram that went viral on Saturday, has caught the attention of the nation. In the video, Samyukhta says she was abused by one of Karnataka's Congress leaders Kavitha Reddy because the actress was working out in a park, wearing a sports bra and track pants.

The video was also retweeted by actress Richa Chadha who said, "Just because you think someone isn’t dressed like they ought to,in YOUR opinion, gives you no right to charge towards them or slap them. The world doesn’t need more moral policing, especially not from sanctimonious aunties. Plz behave. Respect is a 2 way street."

However, Reddy who is a member and spokesperson of INC Karnataka denied the charges and said they got into an argument because the women were playing loud music and abused the security guard when asked to stop. 

In the video shared by Samyuktha, Reddy is seen attacking the actress and her friends who had turned up at the park with their hoola hoops for a workout. Police arrived at the park, however, they stood like mute spectators. 

Samyuktha tweeted, "The future of our country reflects on what we do today. We were abused and ridiculed by Kavitha Reddy at Agara Lake @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr There are witnesses and more video evidence I request you to look into this #thisisWRONG (sic)."

Reddy denied the accusation sof moral policing. "The women were playing loud music in the park and dancing. When the guard asked them to stop, they abused him. I only wanted them to apologise," Reddy told a TV news channel. She also went onto accuse the actor of a publicity stunt and tweeted, "I did not bother about Vikram Hegde trolls will I bother about Samyukta Hegde trolls. Aiyo when some CHEAP Publicity Actor does a Video it is clear that she is doing it for Publicity (sic)."

Samyuktha debuted in Sandalwood opposite Rakshit Shetty in Kirik Party.

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