Actor Eddie Murphy on being spiritual and why he advices, 'Always start the day by saying that you've already won'

The actor was recently seen on The Drew Barrymore Show
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy who is well-known for films such as Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, Dr. Dolittle and Dolemite Is My Name was recently seen on The Drew Barrymore Show on Zee Café. It's his comedy that has set Eddie apart in Hollywood, but behind the scenes, the actor is a spiritual man and he opened up more about it on the show.

"I am very grounded and spiritual and that’s just my connection with God," said the actor, adding futher, "Being a young person in this business is like you have to navigate through a minefield. There are so many ways you could destroy yourself. A lot of people I have seen destroy themselves. A lot of my contemporaries like Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney, the people who came on the scene the same age as I am, they had a self-destructive thing going on. That’s my biggest blessing that I got started real early and I knew what I wanted to do and I was really young and I learnt to love myself and never hated myself or beat up myself. I have always been my biggest fan."

The actor earned fame first as a cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL), and show host Drew reminsiced about a time when both were on the show together, and asked him how the success impacted him when he was so young. Eddie answered saying, "I’ll tell you what happened to me. I had it all the way together for years and years and then what happened with movies is that they started offering you so much money to do stuff that I wound up doing everything. So, I ended up doing a bunch of movies like that and then I got to where I stopped having fun and making movies and so I had to take time off. In 2011, I stopped working for like eight years, I just stopped making movies and that’s when I had some really quiet time and got re-centered. I started thinking that if I wanted to do something it’s because I really want to be doing it. I got it all back together."

While speaking about his journey of taking time off from the showbiz to realign his life, the actor also said that self-love and appreciation go a long way. "It’s an inward search and it's personal. It’s just between you and you and not let outside stuff, anything which is not positive or constructive, affect you. You have to train yourself to turn away from it when negative stuff comes in. You’re here and you’re blessed means that you’ve already won. So, there’s no time for the negative energy. In your case, you should do a victory dance every morning and call it the Drew Barrymore victory dance. Always start the day by saying that you’ve already won and take the most out of everything."

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