Ashley Lobo to choreograph for Washington DC based Dance Company - highlighting climate crisis

The choreographer is excited to participate in the cross-cultural, international performance despite the restraints of the Covid-19 crisis
Ashley Lobo
Ashley Lobo

Australian-Indian choreographer and educator Ashley Lobo is all set to choreograph a 20-minute long piece for Washington, DC-based contemporary dance repertory Company | E's annual live stage concert. Titled, Next: Warmer, the concert kicks-off on June 4. The three-day-long event highlights the climate crisis, hence the piece that Ashley will be choreographing will follow the same theme.

“The piece will explore the elements of air, fire, water, and earth within the body and the planet as a whole. Their perfect balance and the chaos that ensue as a result of imbalance will all be expressed through the collaborative movements,” he explains. Ashley, who believes in the consciousness of ‘one’ shares that the presentation will depict the idea of being whole and how inner and outer consciousness are interrelated.

About his long-standing association with Company E and the performance in the time of Covid-19 he says, “I have always loved working with artistes across the world. The cycle of this international exchange of the arts was briefly paused due to the pandemic but I am happy that we have found a way around that and I am once again doing what I love best.”

Among other noted choreographers, Emese Nagy from Germany, Robert Rubama from Brooklyn, NY, and Maddie Hanson from Canada/NYC will also be showcasing their work.

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