Here's a look at all the adorable moments from Kareena Kapoor Khan's second pregnancy

The birth of Saif’s second baby with Kareena will make him a father of four, or a ‘Quadfather’ (‘quad’ means four) as Saif’s sister Soha Ali Khan had put it earlier
A screengrab from the video posted by Kareena Kapoor Khan
A screengrab from the video posted by Kareena Kapoor Khan

Amid the news that actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant and expecting the delivery of her second child with Saif Ali Khan soon, social media was abuzz with rumours that the actress has been admitted to a hospital and will deliver her baby today.

However, Kareena’s social media posts and Instagram stories of gifts at home indicate that she is still at her residence. 

The birth of Saif’s second baby with Kareena will make him a father of four, or a ‘Quadfather’ (‘quad’ means four) as Saif’s sister Soha Ali Khan had labelled him earlier. Recently, Saif's other sister, jewellry designer Saba Ali Khan, took to Instagram stories to give a shout-out to him and Kareena before the arrival of their baby. Saba shared the popular 'Quadfather' meme on Instagram, along with some pictures of Saif, Kareena and their son Taimur. She accompanied the post with a "3..2..1.." timer, indicating that the baby is coming soon.

The couple already have a son named Taimur (4), while Saif has two children, Sara Ali Khan (25) and Ibrahim Ali Khan (19), with his ex-wife Amrita Singh. Sara is an actor in the Hindi film industry.

Saif earned the informal title ‘Quadfather’ after his sister Soha put out a post on Instagram with a picture of him sitting majestically on a chair, with the words ‘The Quadfather’ written next to it. She had posted it when Saif announced the news of their second pregnancy, and written the caption, “Coming soon!! Couldn’t resist! Congratulations @kareenakapoorkhan be safe and healthy - and radiant as ever !”

The title was said to have been inspired by the movie name The Godfather.

Kareena had not shown the slightest signs of slowing down or taking a break from work during her pregnancy, and had continued to take up numerous ad and campaign shoots.

Furthermore, Kareena had also shared images of herself doing yoga and setting epic fitness goals during pregnancy.

Did Kareena stop with setting fitness goals? Well, the answer is no. She also established major “mommy goals” after Taimur was born in 2016 and may have even spread an intense bout of baby fever when she often spoke about the joys of being a first-time mother.

“For almost every mother, the first days with her new born baby are precious memories to be cherished forever. They are surely some of the most challenging and at the same time fulfilling days we will experience as women,” media reports quoted her as saying.

“I know I have been fortunate to embark on the journey of parenthood - and I will always remember the first days of my child's life. I have been lucky,” she had said.

However, the actor had also revealed that it was not all sunshine and rainbows, and written, “I remember some long days and nights, without much sleep. Some were frustrating, as I tried inexpertly to calm my crying child.”

“Some were simply bliss - as I treasured the new life that I had been able to bring into the world,” she added.

Kareena had also urged other “mothers and societies” to “get to work for our newborns”.

In what came as an amazing transformation, Kareena had also managed to get back in shape after her first pregnancy in no time, with sheer determination and a proper diet. She continued with her acting career in the Hindi film industry.

Meanwhile, Saif had declared that he would be going on paternity leave and not work after his second baby was born. He had earlier said in an interview, “Who wants to work when you have a newborn at home! If you don’t see your children growing up, you’re making a mistake. And I can take time off from work—it’s a privileged position. Rather than follow a 9-to-5 routine, I live like an actor. Your dharma and approach to everything are based on your career.”

Furthermore, Kareena also said her book ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan's Pregnancy Bible’, which will be a pregnancy guide for expecting mothers, will be released soon this year.

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