Meet Sunny Hinduja, the actor who played the role of Sandeep bhaiya in TVF Aspirants

Sunny Hinduja talks about the popularity of his character in the web series,TVF Aspirants

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  21st May 2021 07:01 PM   |   Published :   |  21st May 2021 07:01 PM


In the last month, Sandeep bhaiya, the character from the latest YouTube series TVF Aspirants, has been garnering immense popularity online. From numerous listicles on his character and memes to even portraits sketched by his fans, Sandeep bhaiya has become a cult figure among young Indians. The series, that has been rated 9/10 on IMDB, features Sandeep bhaiya, an UPSC aspirant who has attempted the exam thrice but hasn’t been able to make the cut. However, his guidance to the lead character motivates the latter to crack the exam. The actor who has portrayed this unforgettable role as Sandeep bhaiya is Sunny Hinduja.

Making of a topper
The character’s tiny quirks like listening to the news on a radio, instead of reading on his phone (because it’s not as distracting) have made Sandeep bhaiya much loved. “After playing this role, I realised the amount of hard work and preparation that UPSC aspirants have to go through. It’s the second toughest exam in the world, and after the series, my respect for real-life aspirants has increased further. Whether they finally make it to become officers or not, I know that their perspective to life definitely changes after the preparation. It requires immense perseverance, patience and dedication,” explains Sunny. He is quick to add that he never aspired to take up UPSC in real life. “I wanted to be an actor since I was in class seven, and I am living my dream,” he says.

Though it’s a supporting character, Sunny’s portrayal has made Sandeep bhaiya more popular than the leading characters. This isn’t the first time that the actor has contributed to the success of a secondary character with his effortless acting. Even on the web series The Family Man, one of the biggest hits in the OTT space, the actor played the role of Milind, a team member of agent Srikant Tiwari (played by Manoj Bajpayee). Although it may be a comparatively small role, it is a key character in the series, and is part of the upcoming second season as well. “Working with Manoj sir was a great opportunity. It enriched me as an actor and I believe I have a long way to go and I will keep learning,” says Sunny who actually wanted to play only lead roles when he had graduated from FTII Pune in 2008. “I thought once I graduate, everything will be set for me, but only over a period of time I realised that instead of going after lead roles, I should focus on doing good work with good people,” he says.

Taking the lead
But his wish to play the lead came true when he was cast as Vicky in second season of Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare. Vicky is the antagonist, and Sunny owns the role completely, showcasing a different side of his personality. While his work in web series has garnered enough attention for him, Sunny’s last film outing was Pinky Memsaab, a 2018 film that’s streaming on Netflix. The movie captures the life of expats in Dubai, and Sunny plays the role of a driver working for a rich expat family. “People from different nationalities and races work in the UAE and this film looks at the lives of those who are working as helpers and drivers, and their lives in contrast to the rich expats. For my role as Santosh, I actually spent time with a driver from Bihar who has been working in the UAE, and my character is very close to this real-life person,” says Sunny who is now waiting for the release of new season of The Family Man.