Annup Sonii takes up on audio platforms with Audible’s The Unsung Heroes

The series brings forward extraordinary tales of common people

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  28th April 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th April 2022 12:00 AM

Annup Sonii

Actor Annup Sonii, who took television by storm with his iconic phrase Savdhan Rahiye Satark Rahiye from Savdhan India, has taken a newer route to reach out to his audiences with Audible India’s The Unsung Heroes.

In a world where everyone is busy fumbling with their phones throughout the day, how many of us actually have the time to stop and take a look around? Audible’s The Unsung Heroes is a collection of twenty podcasts that narrate the tales of people like us who took time out from their lives to help others come out of difficult situations. Annup, who has narrated the tales opens up to Indulge about the significance of audio platforms in today’s world, the challenges of making an impact through voice acting, and his upcoming projects.

Poster of The Unsung Heroes

As someone who has mostly been associated with visual content, how impactful do you think audio platforms are in today’s world?

Honestly, I believe there is a space for every type of content out there. Content on platforms like Audible, much like OTT shows allow people to listen to the podcasts at their own convenience. People have gotten used to the number of options they have ahead of them and terming any one of them as redundant is not right. In fact, radio is still a popular source of entertainment for us when we are on the go. Audio platforms are as impactful as their visual counterparts when it comes to the impact it makes on their audiences, except for the fact that each of them has its own set of audiences.

What made you take up The Unsung Heroes after being associated with television for a prolonged period of time?

The Unsung Heroes challenged me to perform with a very limited number of resources, which proved to be very exciting for me. On television, you get the opportunity to express a lot through your body expressions even if you are standing mum next to someone. Here, the opportunity to convey everything through just my voice gave me a new perspective on acting. While narrating, I had to make sure that audiences are able to relate to the emotions I am trying to evoke; hence my entire focus was on using my voice as the medium to do so. Even if you are standing still next to a person saying something on visual platforms, you have the opportunity to convey a lot with your body expressions.

My prolonged association with work on the visual medium held me back from experimenting with different media. I am happy to be associated with The Unsung Heroes as I feel it is the right kind of series for me to get into this spectrum. However, I cannot deny that the type of content I have usually been associated with on television, helped me fetch an inspirational series like The Unsung Heroes.

Is there any story from this podcast series that moved you deeply?

Well, I have to name three if given a choice. Each of the twenty stories touch different notes of humanity and kindness but the three I have on my mind sum up the feeling one would take back after listening to the entire series. The first one is about a cop who helps an abandoned young girl reunite with her family, the second one is the story of a boy who realises his inclinations toward feminine things early on in life. He overcomes all hurdles thrown at him by his family to become an established person in the education sector and then opts for a medical procedure to change their sexual orientation. The last one is about an aspiring director, born with a silver spoon in her mouth who comes to terms with the realities of acid-attack victims when she has to make a documentary on them and goes in to establish an NGO for them.

Who according to you is the unsung hero of your life?

The unsung hero of my life has to be my father who allowed me to pursue acting leaving behind a promising legal career.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

I am currently focussing more on films and OTT content as I believe they allow an actor to experiment with his roles. I have three web series coming out in the next two months where I will be seen in three very different avatars. I am also looking forward to experimenting with varied genres in the near future.