Exclusive: Comedian Sapan Verma looks forward to films based on Indian comics, says 'It's about time'

After his standup special at Bengaluru's Comic Con 2022, we sat for a quick chat with comedian Sapan Verma to gather his views on the significance of Indian comic books and more
Sapan Verma at Comic Con 2022 in Bengaluru
Sapan Verma at Comic Con 2022 in Bengaluru

Someone was dressed as The Joker from Batman and there was another decked up as Iron Man from Marvel Comics. We spotted some with Harry Potter-inspired earrings, a handful sporting the Spiderman t-shirt, and some dropping Lord of the Rings references left, right, and centre.

This was the scene at Comic Con 2022 in Bengaluru. The two-day event, which took place on November 19 and 20, was a place for all things pop culture and more! There were not just stalls featuring some of India's top comic book-selling brands but also delicious food and interesting games.

The festival with all comic book geeks also featured performances from some of the best artistes in the industry and one amongst them was comedian Sapan Verma. 

Post his stand-up special, we caught Sapan for a quick chat to discuss the comic book scene in India, and just like most of us, he revealed that he grew up reading Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, Super Commando 3, Champak, and the works. He shared that he has consumed more Indian comic books than those of Marvel, DC, and the Archies.

On being asked whether pop culture, especially comic book culture is here to stay in India, Sapan was very positive. He gave examples of films like Kantara — which he recently watched — and Minnal Murali — which he plans on streaming on Netlfix — and shared that there's a big audience waiting for superhero films with Indian roots.

He said, "I think the pop culture of India is here to stay. I don’t know if it’s in the reading form or Instagram form but I know it is here to stay.  If anything, a movie like Brahmastra tells you that. People are dying to watch a good Indian superhero story that is rooted in India."

Towards the end of the interview, Sapan reminisced about the good guys in Indian comics like Nagraj, Super Commando, and Sabu from Chacha Chaudhary. He left us feeling nostalgic about our childhood reading habits and concluded that it was about time we have more films based on popular Indian comics from the good old days.

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