In Kolkata, Bhumi Pednekar talks about Afwaah and more

In town for an ad shoot, Bhumi took out time to talk about films, sustainable fashion and more.
Bhumi Pednekar
Bhumi Pednekar

She is humble, grounded and absolutely a delight to talk with. We are talking about Bollywood diva Bhumi Pednekar who was in Kolkata for the very first time for an ad shoot. In between a tight schedule, she was sweet enough to squeeze out some to interact with the media and touched upon everything including her films, sustainable choices and makeup.

 Afwaah is trending among the top ten watches on Netflix. How does it feel?

Afwaah is a very special film for me. As a film student I had watched a lot of Sudhir Mishra films and his kind of cinema has had a very huge impact on me, the kind of artiste I am, and the kind of films that I wanted to do. So, when an opportunity like Afwaah came my way, it was the best thing that could have happened. I also had the chance to work with Nawazuddin Siddiqui whom I admire a lot --- he is an actor of a different calibre and is such an easy person to work with. Sudhir sir's production house is like home to me, we have also done Bheed together and it was a collaboration of so many amazing minds and special people with great intent for cinema.

The gorgeous Bhumi
The gorgeous Bhumi

How difficult is it to find new roles in a competitive market where unique offers are hard to find?

I got very lucky with my first film which kind of set a different path for me and helped me create a space for myself. It gave the makers the confidence that I am open to different and new kinds of work and I am very fortunate that I got scripts that gave me opportunities to challenge myself repeatedly and show a different side of me to the audience.

Is it your first visit to Kolkata?

It is indeed my first visit but unfortunately, it's a very short trip and I had a long list of things that my family requested to bring back including jhalmuri, mithai and a special masala. I also wanted to go to Burra Bazar for bangles. The beauty of our country is that every 10 km the culture changes. I always wanted to come here -- this city has given some of the best artists historically be it music, art, literature or love for cinema.

You will turn 34 this July 18, how have you grown as a person and as an actor?

I have definitely seen a lot of growth and a lot of maturity in my performance with every passing film but I am also my hardest critic and I can't ever feel I have done a good job. I feel my method has changed, and the pressure that I put on myself has changed because there's a certain amount of confidence I have gained as an actor every year with every passing film since you gain new skills and you apply all those skills. I definitely have grown as an actor, but I have grown more as a human being. I am so fortunate to have played these amazing characters that have only added to the person I am.

What's your take on OTT boom?

It's one of the best things to have happened and I don't think cinema and OTT are against each other. I feel they are there to support each other and for actors like me, who do experimental work, we are happy there's another way to reach out to my audience.

Bold and beautiful
Bold and beautiful

How sustainably do you approach your life?

I have turned a vegetarian and restraining myself from meat has not been as difficult because I worked in this sphere for so long and with so much information that came my way, turning vegetarian is one of the biggest steps in my life. But my journey towards sustainability is an ongoing daily process and I make sure my ecosystem respects the resources that mother nature has given us.

You are a makeup aficionado. What's your favourite makeup product and five makeup essentials in your bag?

I love lipsticks and the five essentials in my bag include lip balm, perfume, some kind of tint, mascara and kajal.

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