Superstar Jeet talks about his role in Manush

Manush hits the theatres today
A still from the film
A still from the film

Bengal’s superstar Jeet is back with the movie Manush to make you recover from the post-festive blues. Directed and written by Sanjoy Somadder, this high-on-adrenaline movie, revolving around relationships, humanity, father-daughter bond, the gangster world, and more stars Jeet in the lead role along with Susmita Chatterjee and Jeetu Kamal. As the movie, is set to have a grand release on November 24, Indulge caught up with Jeet over his role and more.

Could you tell us about your character/s in the film?

There is Victor and Arjun. There’s a father in him, a cop, and a corrupt underworld guy. So there are quite a few interesting layers. This is all I can say now because how they are put together, will be unfolded once the movie releases.   

What preparation did you take to play such layered characters?

It’s all mental preparation. When the writing has been nicely done, your job gets easy. Sanjoy wrote it very nicely and beautifully due to which it wasn’t very difficult to sketch the character. The push or the drive has to come from writing.

How would you define a Manush (Human) today?

Someone who has both Maan (self-respect) and Hush (consciousness).

How do you maintain your fitness and physique?

In our profession, especially when you play a lead character, a hero, or a heroine per se, then it is a basic demand to stay fit. For that whatever is needed, you do. You work out properly and diet well. This is what I also try to do.

Do you have your cheat days?

Yes. Sometimes I do have cheat days but otherwise, I have a very disciplined diet. I work out because of the after-effects.

What would we see you doing on your cheat days?

I have a sweet tooth. I can have a lot of sweets, dry ones as in Sondesh and all that.

We have known you as an action hero. Who is an action hero who inspires you?

There are many of them right from Hollywood to India. The names are endless. Nowadays I’m more attracted to good action masters or action choreographers. It is because they get you to do all these things. The way they conceive, picturise, or film, is more attractive to me.

Will we see you in OTT anytime soon?

Yes. I’m very open about doing anything like that. I don’t mind doing a short film also if it excites me. One minute or even ten minutes, any sort of short film. OTT also I’m very open about it, just that it has to excite me.

What inspires you as an actor?

 Everything! Coming up with new stories and new characters.

 Your upcoming works

Boomerang which is almost complete.

Manush releases in theatres on November 24

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