Zeenat Aman reminisces about feeling 'intimidated' in Rajesh Khanna's company

The actress said that she carefully mugged up her dialogues while working alongside Rajesh Khanna
Zeenat Aman reminisces about feeling 'intimidated' in Rajesh Khanna's company
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Actress Zeenat Aman recently admitted to feeling intimidated by the late actor Rajesh Khanna on the sets of films they were working in together. During the early days of her career, she would give extra attention to mugging up her lines to avoid any mistakes in front of the superstar, said the actress.

The two worked together in many films, including Ayaash, Chhailla Babu, Jaanwar, and others. Despite being in the company of the actor, Zeenat expressed in a recent media interaction, "I remember when I had just started in the film industry and Rajesh Khanna was the phenomenon. Oh my god, I mugged up all my lines so that I wouldn't flub a single thing."

She further noted, "I was totally intimidated by him, but did I show him? Not at all. I went to him, and I performed. So, when I went back to my makeup room, I was like, 'Wow. I just gave a shot with a superstar.' I think that's the right attitude to have."

Through her years of experience in the industry, Zeenat expressed that it is crucial to focus on the performance instead of on the person one is performing with. It is up to the actors whether to diligently showcase their talent in their performances or get intimidated by the more prominent performers, as there will always be someone more experienced and more skilled than the other.

On the professional front, Zeenat will appear alongside Abhay Deol and Shabana Azmi in the upcoming film Bun Tikki. The project is directed by Faraz Arif Ansari and is produced by Manish Malhotra's Stage 5 Production house.

Zeenat Aman reminisces about feeling 'intimidated' in Rajesh Khanna's company
Zeenat Aman reflects on her youth in schoolgirl attire

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