Here's an update on actor Vijay Varma's bouquet of releases for 2024

Vijay, Bollywood's latest acting sensation, continues to impress his fans with his unique roles in these projects.
Vijay Varma
Vijay Varma

After a stellar run in 2023 with four consecutive hits including Dahaad, Kaalkoot, Jaane Jaan and Lust Stories 2, actor Vijay Varma is poised to conquer the hearts once again this year with an impressive lineup of projects.

Vijay is a part of four diverse upcoming projects including Mirzapur, Ul Jalool Ishq, Matka King and IC81–The Khandahar Hijack. Recently, Vijay surprised his fans and the entertainment industry with two major announcements.

Following the overwhelming reception of the teaser for Mirzapur 3, the official launch of the much-anticipated new season was followed by the release of Matka King poster, featuring Vijay in the lead role.

A closer look at his upcoming ventures:

Mirzapur Season 3

Joining the cast of this highly anticipated series, Vijay is expected to bring his trademark intensity to the gritty world of crime and politics. His fierce look and portrayal in the teaser promises to add a new layer of intrigue to the acclaimed series also starring Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal.

Ul Jalool Ishq

In this romantic drama, Vijay explores the complexities of love and relationships against the backdrop of a picturesque setting. His ability to convey raw emotions with subtlety makes him the perfect choice for this nuanced role in the movie, also featuring actors including Naseeruddin Shah, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sharib Hashmi among others.

Matka King

Stepping into the shoes of a real-life figure, Vijay delves into the world of gambling and high stakes in Matka King. With his captivating screen presence, he is sure to impress audiences with his portrayal of ambition and downfall. Vijay’s unique look in the latest poster of Matka King has left the audience and his fans curious to know what’s in store for them!

Vijay Varma
Vijay Varma announces his new project ‘Matka King’ directed by Nagraj Manjule; Tamannaah reacts

IC81 – The Khandahar Hijack

This gripping thriller sees Vijay essaying the role of a passenger caught in the midst of a hijacking. His ability to convey tension and vulnerability promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Vijay Varma
‘I have seen a phase where my presence in the room wasn’t even felt or noticed,’ says actor Vijay Varma