French director accuses Saaho makers of copying his film

Sujeeth and Prabhas- Saaho Movie
Sujeeth and Prabhas- Saaho Movie

Saaho, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas received great applause on and beyond the box office. However, many fans had started tweeting about the similarity the movie carries to the French film Largo Winch, to which the movie's director Jerome Salle has responded with great sarcasm. In his recent tweet, he has told the makers, ‘if you steal my work, at least do it properly?’

This is not the first accusation the movie has faced since its release. The makers were recently called out by Bengaluru-based artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in an Instagram post, accusing them of copying her artwork from her 2017 installations at the Burning Man Art Festival. The artist claimed that the backdrop used in the song Baby Won’t You Tell Me is an exact replica of her work.

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