Cricketer Dwayne Bravo joins hands with singer Ankit Tiwari, hip-hop star RaOol and others for party anthem Dum Laga Ke Bum Hila

The song is composed by international hip-hop star RaOol and choreographed by Ruel Dausan Varindan

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Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo

West Indies all-rounder cricket player Dwayne Bravo, who is more popularly known as DJ Bravo, has joined hands with rapper RaOol, singer Ankit Tiwari, British-Indian singer Ash King, composer Nakash Aziz, and choreographer Ruel Dausan Varindani have joined hands for a Bollywood party anthem titled Dum Laga Ke Bum Hila.

The song, which is composed by international hip-hop star RaOol, is programmed by music producer Rishi Rich’s protégé NaamLess. The song is written by RaOol, Nitish Bakshi, and Justin Mall.

Shot in three locations across the world — Goa, London, and Trinidad — Celebrino Records’ new number is produced by Shubham Jain, Amandeep Singh Batra, and Abhishek Verma.

Speaking about his experience with the creation of this song, RaOol said, “I wanted to push myself as a composer to create something that strays from my normal urban sound and make a song that captures that Bollywood feel but do it in my style. I was so honoured to have these powerhouse vocalists love the track and jump on it and my homie Ruel bring my vision to life. Seeing Ruel rock out on the video was the cherry on top! At its core, this is a fun record destined for the dance floor and I’m mad excited to see what the fans think (sic).”

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Ankit Tiwari said he had a great time working on this. He said, “It’s crucial for every artist to diversify. When RaOol played the song, I loved it and knew it was such a unique experience for me. It allowed me to explore my range and I had a brilliant time working on it. It’s a fun energetic number and I hope the audience loves it (sic).”

Meanwhile, Ruel said, “We had a distinct vision for the song. It needed to capture the fun of the song and pay homage to that vibrant Bollywood feel RaOol created, whilst still representing the street and hip hop culture. We mixed different forms of urban and Bollywood choreography using a lot of sharp colours. I had a lot of fun performing in the video as well! (sic)”

 “It required coordinating virtually with the teams shooting with RaOol and DJ Bravo. These were all shot on different days but needed to have the same coherence. I knew exactly what I wanted and instructed them accordingly. They all execute the vision to a tee (sic),” he added.

DJ Bravo too spoke about how happy he was to be a part of this song and said, “I’m happy to be a part of a track which I believe will bring so much joy and happiness to the audience! I remember hearing it for the first time and I said to RaOol, ‘I want to be on this track, let’s do it!’ Now, it’s time for our fans to enjoy! (sic)”

Nakash Aziz said, “For us, working together is the biggest joy. You learn so much from artists who are different from your beat. RaOol, Ash King, Dj Bravo, Ankit have all such unique areas of expertise and yet RaOol makes us all fit together so wonderfully. It’s turned out to be such a trendsetter of a number. I am lucky to be working with such great artists and hope we collaborate again soon (sic).”