Home Shanti, starring Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa, gets release date

The comedy-drama series tells of a Dehradun-based family’s quest to build their dream house

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Supriya Pathak and Manoh Pahwa in Home Shanti

Supriya Pathak and Manoh Pahwa in Home Shanti

Disney+ Hotstar will premiere their new series, Home Shanti, on May 6. Directed by Aakanksha Dua, the slice-of-life tale revolves around the Joshi family and their dream of becoming homeowners for the first time. The series stars veterans Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa with Chakori Dwivedi and Poojan Chhabra.

Home Shanti is written by Aakanksha Dua, Nidhi Bisht, Mayank Pandey, Nikhil Sachan and Saurabh Khanna and produced by Posham Pa Pictures. The story is set in Dehradun.

"I fell in love with the show’s storyline of a heartfelt and endearing drama," Manoj shared. "Viewers can expect a fun, easy watch that touches their heart with its simple story and its even simpler characters. However, playing these simple characters is what gets me motivated as an actor."

Supriya Pathak said, “Home Shanti is a heartfelt family drama that makes you step back and take note of those little intimacies shared in a family. The relatability factor of this drama is very high for we all know of families who dream of owning a house one day.