‘Kaalkoot is a coming of age story’: Vijay Varma on cop crime drama series

The series explores the depths of patriarchy and systemic oppression with an intense storyline.
A still from Kaalkoot
A still from Kaalkoot

This monsoon, the OTT world is shrouded in clouds of mystery, suspense, crime and drama, leaving audiences at the edge of their seats. From the enigmatic crime drama Kohrra to the chilling supernatural saga Adhura, July has been an exhilarating ride. Adding to the intrigue is the investigative crime series Kaalkoot, featuring Vijay Varma, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Gopal Datt and Seema Biswas.

Directed by Sumit Saxena, the show delves into the dark realities of patriarchy and systemic oppression, offering a thrilling narrative that beckons viewers into a world of danger and enigma.

<strong>Kaalkoot poster</strong>
Kaalkoot poster

Set against the backdrop of a horrifying acid attack case, Kaalkoot follows sub-inspector Ravi Tripathi in the town of Thana Sarsi. Initially disinterested in his job, Ravi's perspective takes a dramatic turn when he discovers that the victim of a crime, Parul, is the very girl his mother wanted him to marry. Fueled by a newfound purpose, Ravi embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice. However, his journey is fraught with challenges, as he confronts gender biases, toxic masculinity, and societal expectations that threaten to derail his pursuit of truth.

<strong>Vijay Varma in Kaalkoot</strong>
Vijay Varma in Kaalkoot

As the tension mounts, viewers are drawn into a gripping world of deceit, secrets, and suspense, where the line between right and wrong blurs. With each episode, the plot thickens, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next twist in this thrilling tale of justice and redemption.
Sharing about the theme of Kaalkoot, Vijay said, “Kaalkoot is a coming-of-age story of Ravi, the character I portray, and I believe it will undoubtedly be a transformative experience for anyone who watches it.  The show digs deep into our souls, challenging how we see ourselves and reveals the hidden sides of humanity, the parts we often overlook. I am sure that it will leave viewers to reflect and raise important questions and spark a meaningful dialogue.”

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On the topic of the show, Shweta adds, “Kaalkoot is a coming-of-age drama of a cop. A cop who is trying to become a ‘man’. And in the process, he investigates a crime which makes him question the very meaning of the word - Man. What does it mean to be a man? And is that definition right? What is the right definition? And how does that definition affect society and affects the existence and value of a woman? This is a cop crime drama where solving a crime forces the protagonist and also the audience to investigate their own lives, their own behaviour and their own belief system.”

Kalkoot will premiere on July 27 on JioCinema

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