Anjan Dutt, Aparna Sen to star in Parambrata’s Ei Raat Tomar Amaar

The movie will see the evergreen actors romancing on screen
Aparna Sen and Anjan Dutt to star in Parambrata's Ei Raat Tomar Amaar
Aparna Sen and Anjan Dutt to star in Parambrata's Ei Raat Tomar Amaar

As Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole gets its grand release today as the debut movie from Hoichoi Studios, they are back with yet another thrilling announcement. Their next venture Ei Raat Tomar Amaar directed by actor-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay would bring back the evergreen actors- Aparna Sen and Anjan Dutt on silver screen opposite each other as a pair.

The movie is a take on a couple Amar and Jaya played by Dutt and Sen respectively as they reflect on their three decades of marriage and traverse through the memories of regrets, heartbreaks, love and forgiveness. While emotions sometimes take over, true love wins in the end despite a bumpy journey. Ei Raat Tomar Amaar is a story of relationships and how despite struggles; it stays strong over the years and mature.

Aparna Sen made her debut in 1961 as Mrinmoyee in Samapti and Anjan Dutt started his journey in films in 1981. In 1991, they were part of Mahaprithibi and Ek Din Achanaak, both directed by Mrinal Sen but the duo did not share screen space. Almost two decades later they were both again part of Srijit’s Ek Je Chilo Raja as warring lawyers.

Sen, when turned director roped in Anjan Dutt for Mr and Mrs Iyer and Juganto which turned a game changer in his journey in films. Dutt in turn had launched Parambrata in Half Chocolate. The world now comes full circle when three brilliant actor-directors of the time come together in this much-anticipated movie.

The movie will be shot in monochrome to evoke cinematic nostalgia among the audience. It will hit theatres shortly. The announcement has already garnered much positive reviews and anticipation from the netizens.

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