Actor Pavail Gulati to play a boxer in his next, begins training

At present, Pavail is in the midst of shooting for 'Deva', a film that has already generated considerable buzz
In Frame: avail Gulati
In Frame: avail Gulati

Actor Pavail Gulati has recently taken to practicing boxing, fuelling speculation about a potential new role in an upcoming project. Known for his versatile acting chops and dedication to his craft, Pavail appears to be preparing intensively for a role that could showcase his physical prowess and athletic skills. Post wrapping up his next with Shahid Kapoor, Pavail is said to be working towards a new skill of boxing for another action-packed film.

A source close to the actor reveals, "Pavail is spending a significant amount of time in the boxing ring, and his commitment is impressive. It’s clear he is gearing up for something significant. This is for a brand new project, which is expected to be announced soon and will go on floors towards end of 2024. Pavail is required to train extensively for this.”

Pavail confirmed, saying, “I’m prepping to play a boxer in a film. The film will go on floors towards the end of this year, so I need to spend a good and considerable amount of time to prepare. There haven’t been too much action-focussed films in India with boxing at the core. We have seen MMA, Muay Thai, and many more such things to become popular. Plus as a sport too, boxing is gaining a lot of fandom here. So, this film is a story of such an individual navigating this sport and his life. I’m excited because it’s a triumphant story. And I have time in my hand between my preps for Deva and being fit, to prepare and polish my boxing skills enough to be convincing on screen when we shoot."

In Frame: avail Gulati
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Pavail, a known sports enthusiast, regularly engages in various physical activities including basketball, badminton and cycling. His dedication to fitness is evident through his consistent gym sessions, which help him maintain a tough, athletic physique.

Currently, Pavail is in the midst of shooting for Deva, a film that has already generated considerable buzz. His rigorous training regimen and focus on achieving peak physical condition have led many to believe that his character in Deva might demand a high level of physicality. However, the intensity of his boxing practice has added an intriguing layer of speculation.

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