Paloma about town: Playing dress-up, a hip new salon and theatre diaries 

This past week has been choc-a-bloc with events...

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  25th February 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th February 2022 07:00 AM

Paloma & Shannon at the launch of the FTV Salon

February is certainly going to be closing with a bang. This past week has been choc-a-bloc with events in what seems to be a bid to make up for lost time. Restobars around every corner, exhibitions for every need (and day of the week) and Chennai’s social butterflies more than happy to flit from one event to the next. In the midst of the madness I got to have a bit of a chill girls afternoon thanks to Shweta Mahtani, in the lead up to her next pop-up ‘Beyond Sustainable’ by Elemental Stories. Us ladies got to try on not just clothes but take a closer look at a range of lifestyle products, make-up, jewellery and more. Of course, the most important activity was the shooting of many, many reels, which will all shortly make their appearance on Instagram.


Renuka, Deepal, Shamshad, Paloma & Aru trying on new designs
ahead of the Elemental Stories pop-up


Roshan & Gibran at the premiere of Bina Rai

Mid-week, the  cosy screening space Medai - The Stage saw the screening of Bina Rai, an artsy trailblazer of sorts presented by the Boardwalkers, directed by Michael Muthu. A black and white film, featuring some of our favourite faces from the theatre circuit. These included Gibran Osman, Balaji, Radhakrishnan, Roshan Poncha and Yohan, to name a few. During the interval, between mouthfuls of frosted cupcakes, guests got to catch up and compare notes. Everyone loved it… “Like watching a vintage art film,” said one delighted spectator.


Prithivee at the FTV Salon launch

Ending the week was a dose of glam with the launch of the FTV Salon on Sterling Road. Doing the honours was Kashiff Khan the Managing Director of Fashion TV, who seemed pleased as punch to be in Chennai and spent lots of time chatting with everyone. Equally entertaining were the stylists who with not much to do on launch day, eagerly participated in all our boomerang shenanigans. Front and centre was the familiar diamond logo, that the influencer brigade could not get enough of. Everyone promised to be back at a calmer time, to make full use of the luxurious space and all the services on offer.