EXCL: Yuvraj Singh reveals how he's cheering for the men in blue ahead of ICC World Cup semi-final

The former cricketer partnered with Vicks recently to launch their cheer anthem #VicksKholIndiaBol

Muskan Khullar Published :  09th November 2023 06:43 PM   |   Published :   |  09th November 2023 06:43 PM
The former cricketer partnered with Vicks recently to launch their cheer anthem VicksKholIndiaBol

In Frame: Yuvraj Singh

You hear the name Yuvraj Singh and your mind instantly takes you to 2007 Durban, South Africa where the former Indian cricketer had a dream run as he smashed six consecutive sixes in one over bowled by England’s Stuart Broad. A rather historic achievement for the Indian cricket team, Yuvraj’s performance was truly one that generations will come to remember.

Another time the left-handed batsman proved his calibre was when he was declared the player of the 2011 Cricket World Cup tournament with 362 runs including one century and four fifties. Safe to say, his unwavering commitment to the sport and his reigning approach both on and off the field have managed to inspire the younger generation of cricketers and today, as our home team continues to dominate the ICC World Cup 2023, we chat exclusively with Yuvraj about how he’s cheering for the men in blue.

The former cricketer, who partnered with Vicks recently to launch their cheer anthem #VicksKholIndiaBol shares, “Our beloved cricket heroes are in the race to bring back the coveted title, the one we last won in 2011. Behind those helmets and jerseys, they are facing immense pressure, the kind that normal folks can hardly imagine. I believe that by coming together and passionately cheering for our team, we are not just being fans; we are giving them the strength and motivation they need to fight for that title.”

Talking about his collaboration with the brand, Yuvi reveals that anthems such as this one serve as a strong reminder to the players that 142 crore Indians have united to support them. “It shows how the love for the sport runs through generations and genders. Everyone has an intense passion for cricket. It’s an anthem that reveals the hearts of millions of cricket enthusiasts across the country,” he adds.

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We also use this interview opportunity to take a peek into his life after retiring from professional cricket.

What does a typical day in your life look like since you retired from professional cricket?
A day in my life revolves around spending time with my family, looking after my work-related commitments especially those of my cancer foundation and also finding some time for keeping myself physically fit. These days I am also enjoying my time on the golf course.

What aspect of being an active cricketer do you miss the most?

How would you say your lifestyle has changed now?
When I was an active cricketer, each time we stepped onto the field, I used to feel this immense passion inside of me when I joined thousands of voices in singing the national anthem. While I have retired, I haven’t completely stopped doing what I genuinely love. Yes, the intensity and responsibilities have changed but the love for the sport still remains the same.

Tell us a little about your fitness routine.
I feel fitness has a lot to do with the strict routine each one of us follows. For me, I try to fit in some time each day for physical activity and meditation and back this up by following healthy eating habits.

MS Dhoni has picked up farming. As for you, after retiring, are there any other new hobbies that you have picked up and grown fond of?
I have ventured into a few new hobbies that have captured my interest. One of them is golf. It is not only a great way to stay active but also a sport that demands precision and focus much like cricket. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and challenge myself.

On social media, we spot that you rock trendy prints and patterns. How would you describe your personal style?
Well, I believe fashion is something personal to each one of us. For me, I like to keep it simple and dress in what I always find comfortable.

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