We get chatty with WWE superstar Braun Strowman, who was in India recently

Earning himself the name ‘The Monster Among Men’ and ‘The Monster of all Monsters’, Braun is known for his brute force and agility in the ring
In frame: Braun Strowman
In frame: Braun Strowman

His debut on the main roster happened in 2015 when he was part of The Wyatt family. Being one of the physically dominant performers in WWE, he has earned himself the names ‘The Monster Among Men’ and ‘The Monster of All Monsters’. Braun was in India recently and we got to chat with him to learn about his love for India, how he got introduced to wrestling, and lots more…

You have been in India before. Tell us about your experience being here.

I love meeting the fans here. It’s mind-blowing to see over 40 million unbelievable fans watch WWE every week. To see the passion and love that the fans have here for myself and all the other WWE superstars. It's truly a blessing to get here and have an opportunity to meet some of the fans face-to-face. Because we're so far away, they get to see us on TV, and we only get over here a couple of times a year, so, they're appreciative and I'm so grateful and blessed that I have been bestowed the opportunity to come over here and mix it up with the fans. And I always look forward to getting back over here.

<strong><em>Braun Strowman</em></strong>
Braun Strowman

Apart from the fans, what gets you excited when you visit India?

Just getting to see the different cultures. I grew up in the tiny little small town of Sherrills Ford, North Carolina. I am a hillbilly. Getting to travel around the world tasting different cuisines, experience different cultures and meeting so many different people it’s awesome. That's what life is all about. Life is about experiences.

Who introduced you to wrestling and was it something you wanted to make a career in?

I was beaten up as a kid. I was a little Hulkamaniac, with my cousins running around ripping our shirts off, getting my behind smacked for tearing my shirts off. So, if I ripped a shirt, it was one of maybe four shirts that I had. So, I would get in trouble for it. And then seeing how this has come full circle 30 years later in my life, here I am representing WWE in India, it’s like a childhood dream come true. In 2012, I got to meet Mark Henry along the way, and that kindled a great friendship. And Mark saw potential in me. I was a showman. I enjoyed interacting, engaging with the fans ripping my shirt off, and hyping it up because the louder the fans got, the stronger I got. Without a doubt, I wouldn't be where I am right now without meeting Mark Henry. He put his name on the line, showed Vince McMahon who I was, paid for my plane ticket to fly down to Florida to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), personally picked me up at the airport, took me around, and was there for my whole trial. He's been hands-on with me since day one. And I constantly tip my hat to that man for not only what he's done for me, but what he's done for the business. Look at how many unbelievable talents Mark Henry's recruited. I was fortunate enough to be in the same building and have an opportunity to work with the great giants that were there before me like Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show, and people like that.

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Away from the ring, what does your life look like?

It's pretty boring honestly. Our lives are so crazy, from one giant city to another. For a long time, that was overwhelming for me because I grew up in a town with a very small number of people. So, learning to deal with being in the spotlight was something that I struggled with because I had social anxiety. All of a sudden, I went from this small-town mechanic to being in front of millions of people's eyes every week. It was a process that I had to learn. I have a house out in the middle of nowhere and I truly enjoy nature. I get out with my dog and have fun, ride my four-wheelers, and enjoy what this amazing earth has to offer.

Currently, you are in a tag team with Ricochet. How has been your experience working with him?

It's been so much fun working with Ricochet. When you look at us, we are of completely different sizes, and the way we work and think in the ring is different. Everything that I lack, Ricochet makes up for, and vice-versa. It's a perfect synergy for a tag team because we cover all aspects of what a WWE superstar could be, with Ricochet's high-flying acrobatic aerial moves and unbelievable athleticism mixed with my raw, straight, brute aggression and just pure badass meanness. It's a match made in heaven and we were having some fun.  

Has wrestling or WWE helped you in your life?

So many times. A lot of it has taught me to be a humble man. Being in this spotlight, it's a huge responsibility knowing that you have millions and millions of fans who appreciate what you do and who are looking up to you. There's this unbelievable stature that we carry as WWE superstars, knowing that there are children with disabilities and illnesses around the world, who are leaning on us to get through their hard times. The in-ring work is honestly the smallest part of what we do. It's all these interviews that we do, visiting the children's hospitals, the make wishes, the be a star rally, all this stuff that comes with being a WWE superstar.

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