‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ play cancels its return to Broadway, Producer Scott Rudin blamed

The stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s coming-of-age novel titled To Kill a Mockingbird opened on Broadway in 2018. 
A scene from the play
A scene from the play

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird has cancelled its return to Broadway, as reported by media sources. The stage play, which opened on Broadway in 2018, had its final performance at the Shubert Theatre on January 16. 

At the time media sources reported that the show would return to the Belasco Theatre in June; media reports later stated that the venue for the show had shifted to the Music Box Theatre. Recent media reports have revealed that the play will shut down entirely. 

Media sources obtained an email sent to the cast and crew of the show in which it was revealed that Aaron and the play’s director Barlett Sher blamed original lead producer Scott Rudin for the play’s cancellation. According to media sources, Aaron and Barlett wrote in the email that Scott, who distanced himself from the show after allegations of his abusive behaviour toward staff were revealed, “reinserted himself as producer of the show. (sic)”

Media sources also obtained an email that Scott sent to Aaron and Barlett on Friday in which the producer attributed his decision to cancel the show to concerns regarding the show’s “profitability should it reopen later this year. (sic)”

He reportedly wrote in the email, “The reason I opted not to bring back ‘TKAM’ has to do with my lack of confidence in the climate for plays next winter. I do not believe that a remount of ‘Mockingbird’ would have been competitive in the marketplace. (sic)” 

According to media reports, when To Kill a Mockingbird premiered in 2018, it was a financial success and grossed an average of $2 million in ticket sales a week and recovered its investment in 19 weeks. It also received largely positive reviews and was nominated for nine awards at the 2019 Tony Awards, with actress Celia Keenan-Bolger winning for her role as Scout Finch.  

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