Bigg Boss: From Dolly Bindra-Shweta Tiwari to Eijaz Khan-Kavita Kaushik, here are 9 most controversial fights

Over 14 season, Bigg Boss has seen contestants indulging in nasty fights that are recalled even today.

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Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik

Bigg Boss is rightfully tagged as controversial. Over 14 season, the reality show has seen contestants indulging in nasty fights that are recalled even today.

IANS lists some of the most controversial fights that took place on the show, which made its debut on small screen in 2006.

Rakhi Sawant vs Kashmera Shah

Friends turned foes! The two featured in the first season. Kashmera got into plotting and turned all the housemates against Rakhi, which led to numerous fights in the house. Rakhi ended up having a fight with almost everyone in the house, over the smallest of things like a coffee mug.

Kamaal Rashid Khan vs Rohit Verma

In the third season of Bigg Boss 3, Kamaal Rashid Khan, popularly known as KRK, had a verbal spat with fellow contestant Rohit Verma. The spat got so aggressive that KRK threw a bottle at Rohit after which the former was evicted from the house.

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Dolly Bindra vs Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari

The "Baap pe mat jaana" fight between Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari is one of the biggest hits in the history of Bigg Boss. The two got into an altercation after Bhojpuri singer and actor Manoj wanted some eggs for breakfast, which led to a chain reaction.

Dolly also got into a physical fight with actress Shweta Tiwari. The two started a fight the first day when Dolly went into the show as a wild card.

Akashdeep Saigal vs Mahek Chahal

This one was quite ugly to even watch. The two never got along. Akashdeep, who is popularly known as Sky, was upset with Mahek certain comments she made about him. Reacting on the issue, he started digging up her past and had even shared that he knows who Mahek was. Later, Mahek was seen crying her heart out in the bathroom.

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Pooja Missra vs Shonali Nagrani

This has been one of the most entertaining fights on the show. Pooja's fight with Shonali has become an object of memes over the years. But nine years ago, in season five, Pooja's behaviour came across as erratic. She was seen in a fight with her co-contestant Shonali and, in a fit of trademark rage, kicked the dustbin and broke a wiper. Her line "Get off my back" got instantly famous.

Imam Siddique vs Urvashi Dholakia and Aashka Goradia

Imam was the most eccentric contestant Bigg Boss had seen. From clothes, wigs to behaviour -- everything about him was loud and loony. Imam was seen arguing and making comments about Urvashi Dholakia's life. He was seen questioning her parenting skills.

In another incident, for which Imam was thrown out of the house, he shed all his clothes and slipped into a skin coloured bodysuit to irk fellow contestant Aashka Goradia. He had an undergarment to cover his privates but he soon shed that, too.

Swami Om vs Rohan Mehra and Bani J.

Many feel Swami Om has been one of the most disgusting housemates Bigg Boss ever had. In the tenth season, the self-proclaimed godman, during a task, did something no one could have ever imagined. He threw his urine on contestants Bani J. and Rohan Mehra. He was eliminated from the show, of course.

Sidharth Shukla vs Rashami Desai

In the last season, actors Siddhant Shukla and Rashami Desai got into a very heated fight when Sidharth asked Rashami if she is a "naukrani" of fellow contestant Asim Riaz. It happened when Rashami had intervened when Asim and Siddhant were talking about a task. Rashami got angry and questioned: 'Tere ghar mein kaisi ladkiyaan hoti hain (what kind of women are there in your house)?'. To which, Sidharth replied: 'Teri jaisi nahi hoti (Not like you)'. Rashami then asked: 'Kaisi (like how)?', and he said: 'Rashami Desai jaisi'. The whole scene ended with the two screaming at each other.

Eijaz Khan vs Kavita Kaushik

The two have created history with their fights in the show hosted by Salman Khan. The first time when the two locked horns was when Kavita kept repeating she is not his friend, and that it is because of him no one in the house is her friend. The two again got into a fight recently when Eijaz wanted to make some eggs and Kavita passed some comments. She was later seen pushing Eijaz four times in anger. Their fight is still escalating.

Eijaz Khan