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‘Dry Day’ To  ‘Mission Start Ab’
‘Dry Day’ To ‘Mission Start Ab’

This week, the streaming world is buzzing with a resonant array of shows and movies that promise to whisk you away on unique storytelling journeys. We’re here to be your compass in this sea of options, guiding you toward the gems that'll speak to your heart.

Mission Start Ab - 19 December

Projecting on December 19, Mission Start Ab is all about the entrepreneurial spirit! Imagine passionate innovators navigating hurdles with guidance from industry titans like Kunal Bahl, Anisha Singh, and Manish Chowdhary. It’s a show destined to uncover India’s next big business trailblazers.

Flames S4- 22 December

Now, let’s dive into something closer to home, airing on December 21. Flames S4 returns, capturing the roller-coaster lives of high schoolers as they grapple with love, studies, and the weight of family expectations. Trust us, it's a relatable coming-of-age narrative you won’t want to miss.

Dry day- 22 December

And for a change of pace, mark your calendar for December 22. Dry Day takes centre stage, blending comedy and drama in the tale of a small-town hero tackling life's challenges while wrestling with personal demons. Directed by Saurabh Shukla, this promises to be a heartfelt ride.

First Act- 15 December

We’re not done yet! We also have First Act, a documentary series that’s already streaming. Dive into the lives of child actors and their families in the entertainment industry. It’s a glimpse into their world, their struggles, and their aspirations, narrated by former child stars.

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