Chennai-based Bindu Giri Label’s latest edit toys with Japanese shibori 

The latest collection from Chennai-based Bindu Giri Label explores a popular Japanese tie-dyeing technique with a kanjivaram twist

author_img Romal Laisram Published :  12th November 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th November 2021 12:00 AM
Bindu Giri Label’s Shibori

Bindu Giri Label’s Shibori

Chennai-based Bindu Giri Label was born from designer Bindu Giri’s passion for handloom and textile heritage, something that she was introduced to at a very young age. “Being from the Zamorin family of Kozhikode and being incredibly close to my grandmother, I had the opportunity to understand and be exposed to handlooms from all across India. With access to certain archives and a passion that never fleeted, I began the label as a mission to revive handlooms and create a space where heritage could be seen in a fresh light that addressed the modern sari-wearer of today,” shares Bindu, founder and creative director of eponymous label, Bindu Giri.
“Our new collection, a dear one to me, is called Shibori. Shibori is a collection that is inspired by the Japanese shibori tie-dyeing technique. Pulling from the aesthetics of shibori, I’ve created a series of versatile and statement kanjivaram saris with my take on the shibori technique as a zari weave on the pallu. This collection is one-of-a-kind not only in the pure quality of our kanjivarams saris but in the way design is approached with the modern woman in mind. I haven’t stuck to a single colour palette and have experimented with quite a few shades and tones,” Bindu elaborates on the collection.

This collection claims to be entirely sustainable and eco-friendly and Bindu adds, “We’ve also taken the time to think about sustainability in every step of the production process.” The label also has quite a few drops in the works over the next few months and we’re looking forward to seeing what Bindu has up her sleeve, next.

INR 13,200.