Ananya Panday steals the spotlight in golden attire at Rimzim Dadu’s ICW 2023 showcase

Ananya's 'golden beauty' look featured a stunning golden slit skirt adorned with an intricate leaf structure
Ananya Panday walks the ramp at ICW 2023 Day 6
Ananya Panday walks the ramp at ICW 2023 Day 6

The sixth day of India Couture Week 2023 commenced with a breathtaking fashion spectacle as actor Ananya Panday took centre stage, exuding radiant allure in a dazzling golden ensemble crafted by designer Rimzim Dadu. The opening show of FDCI's ICW 2023 Day 6 was graced with Ananya's mesmerising presence, captivating the audience as she gracefully walked the ramp.

Ananya's 'Golden Beauty' look featured a stunning golden slit skirt adorned with an intricate leaf structure, elegantly paired with a matching blouse boasting delicate mesh and lace details, radiating sophistication and grace. Her choice of hoop earrings complemented the golden attire, while her soft, subtle makeup style enhanced her beauty. Images and videos from the show were shared on Instagram by the official handle of FDCI. 

The young muse for the evening's fashion gala expressed her excitement, sharing how comfortable she felt in Rimzim's creation. "Surprisingly, I felt very comfortable walking in this. It’s almost like molten lava gold. I’m usually nervous about walking the ramp but in this Rimzim Dadu’s piece, I walked perfectly,” Ananya said. Swaying on the ramp, she looked timeless and bold in the golden co-ord, leaving a lasting impression.

Rimzim, renowned for her innovation and artistic vision, once again pushed boundaries with her creativity. This year's collection paid glorious homage to the essence of transitioning from rigidity to rhythmic flow, capturing the endless variety of ocean tides.

 Drawing inspiration from traditional Indian crafts, Rimzim reimagined them for a modern setting, crafting versatile pieces using distinctive materials. The focal point of the collection was the captivating use of lace and mesh techniques, combining organic softness with strong architectural shapes.

Discussing the sustainability aspect of her clothing, Rimzim emphasised the importance of designs and fabrics that stand the test of time, embodying longevity and the ability to be passed on to future generations. She was quoted as saying, "For me, sustainability is something which lasts long, which can be passed on to the next generation and that is what my designs and fabric stand for.”

The leafy gold outfit was a perfect choice for her muse, accentuating Ananya's glow. Rimzim's passion for structured clothing shone through in this silhouette, beautifully complementing the actor. On the topic of choosing the outfit for Ananya, Rimzim said, "I feel gold looks stunning on her. She has this beach sunsetish glow right now and gold looks great on her. I personally love doing structured clothing and this silhouette really works on her.”

Rimzim's show marked the spectacular sixth day of India Couture Week 2023, a grand event that commenced on July 25 and will continue till August 2.

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