International Yoga Day: These eco-friendly mats will you help you practice, and protect the environment

From materials like cork and water hyacinth to naturally procured rubber, these yoga mats are all about the grip and comfort for your next yoga session.

author_img Nascimento Pinto Published :  21st June 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 06:00 AM
International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

Grass beneath your feet. Self-aligning mats. And acupressure for enhanced asanas. This International Yoga Day, step on a whole new world beneath your feet.   

Cotton conversations
Milind Soman’s Deivee has a unique mat made from a grass and cotton fibre,  called Sambu. The natural cooling grass from India provides durability and a high density of thickness, which keeps muscles and joints protected. With adequate cushioning for comfort. Rs 3,499 onwards. 

Milind Soman’s Deivee yoga mat

Get in line
While many yoga mats use different materials, Liforme takes it a step further as they also make sure you practice yoga with the right alignment. Being an eco-friendly mat, it is made from natural rubber and is easily biodegradable. Practice the different positions using the perfect angles, with the help of the mat, as it also has a firm grip. Rs 1,360 onwards.  

Liforme Yoga Mat

Juru Yoga takes the sustainable turn with organic cork mats. With excellent grip, they are also dust repellent and odourless because of its natural material and anti-microbial feature. The mat also has a longer life as it is reversible and can be turned over to use the other side. Rs 2,999 onwards.

Juru cork yoga mat

Flower trail
Made from freely available Water Hyacinth in North East India, this yoga mat by Aqua Weaves is 100 
per cent natural and eco-friendly. It is entirely handmade, soft with a powerful grip, and is biodegradable as well. Rs 1, 955  onwards. 

Giskaa water hyacinth yoga mat

Pressure on point
The acupuncture foot mat uses acupressure therapy, which focuses on all the important pressure points in your body. With a computerised design, the mat is made of complete rubber and is perfect for a quick yoga session every morning. Jog on the spot for three to five minutes daily, to initiate blood circulation if you do not have time for a long session. Rs 799 onwards.

Acupuncture yoga mat

Grass apart
Quinergys has a unique mat called Smart Chatai made from river grass called Madurkathi or Korai grass. Woven in West Bengal, it is purely organic as it also uses fibre colour on its cotton threads. With dimensions of 3 ft x 7 ft, it is available in earthy colours as well as a cool Mediterranean blue. `2,999 onwards. 

Grass yoga mat

Smooth operator
Plyopic’s travel yoga mat functions as a multipurpose mat and towel along with its sweat grip technology, which does not hamper your practice mid-asana. Being eco-friendly, the dual mat is made with certified materials, which are smooth and also prevent bunching. Rs 4,550 onwards. 

Travel yoga mat