The rise of Himalayan Pink Salt and how you can amp up your skincare routine 

 From hair mists to face masks, here are some products you’d want on your skin care list 

Rehna Abdul Kareem Published :  21st June 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 06:00 AM
Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

From coffee to sugar, a lot of dining table essentials have made their way to our daily scrub sessions. 
Now foraying into the beauty circuit is the Himalayan Pink salt, and holistic health experts around 
the world say that its relaxing properties make it the ideal addition to scrubs and bath products. 
Mined from parts of the Salt Range in Punjab and the Pothohar plateau of the Himalayas,  
this salt gets its pretty pink shade from the presence of iron oxide in it.  

Ex-foliate files

If you’re looking for an exfoliating formula, there’s nothing like BOD’s combination of pink salt and coconut to help you with that. The Pink salt and coconut iridescent glitter scrub helps cleanse away rough, dry skin and the coconuty goodness helps hydrate and moisturise. It’s also vegan! 

Beach ready
A hair spray mist with Himalayan pink salt? Sign us up please! The Love + Salt is a volume-enhancing mist with epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt, organic French sea salt, dendritic salt, fractionated coconut oil and perfume. It’s also vegan. All you have to do is spray it on dry hair, throw it up in a top knot and let it loose the next day. You’ve got sultry beach waves and you’re ready to hit the water.  `1,955 approx.

Mineral mix
Nyassa’s Himalayan pink bath salts are the best way to take care of your skin during a shower. Containing more than 84 minerals and trace elements like calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium and iron, regular use of this product will increase circulation, normalise blood pressure and eliminate toxins. `320. 

Cool cucumber
What spells summer better than cucumber! Freeman’s facial cucumber and pink salt clay mask not just instantly helps detox, but the cucumber reinvigorates the skin as well. The 10-minute mask is also very easy to peel off. `2,429 approx. 

Apricots and mandarins 
Handcrafted with wild and organic botanicals, Pure Earth’s Himalayan salt body polish is a luxurious polish with bitter apricot kernels, wild pomegranate, Persian walnuts and high-performance Ayurvedic botanicals. The polish also has oils of mandarin, eucalyptus and Himalayan cedarwood.  This gorgeous apothecary jar is hand-filled in a French violet glass to preserve the bio-active energy of the botanicals. Now, that’s fancy! `4,190.

Soakin’ fun 
What’s a better way to end a long day’s work than by immersing your feet in some of Dr Teal’s pink Himalayan mineral soak. With the goodness of pure epsom salts and mineral rich pink Himalayan salt to replenish and recharge. This feet soak also has bergamot and sweet orange essential oils to help reduce some of that stress on your feet.  `420 approx. 

Make it a spa day 
It’s gluten-free and vegan! This exotic mineral rich salt concoction with a grapefruit scent. Hugo Natural’s Himalayan pink salt scrub not just removes dead skin but with the arnica extract and Vitamin E in it, it gives you the ultimate spa experience.  `3,379. 

Combating cellulite
This plant-based cruelty-free bath butter scrub from Gulnare is 100 per cent natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. With walnut and pink salt as a main ingredient, this moisturising exfoliator can be applied on the hands, feet and body and even prevents muscle cramping and soreness. Additionally, it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite too!  `1,063.